Friday, July 16, 2010

10 Reasons We're Still Obsessed With R-Patz

"Cosmopolitan" breaks down the 10 reasons they're still obsessed with Mr. Pattinson. And I couldn't agree more - especially the 10th reason ;)

1. He doesn’t date skanky chicks.
2. He isn’t afraid to be a goof.
3. He works sunglasses like James Dean.
4. He’ll whisper in your ear.
5. He has serious bedhead.
6.He’s just scruffy enough.
7. He walks like a tiger.
8. He always signs stuff for fans.
9. He’s sexy – even when he looks pissed off.
10. Uh…he’s really hot!

Why are YOU obsessed with R-Patz? Let us know in the comments!



  1. yes I love this post ok lets see my top ten reasons why I LOVE Rob
    1. He's mysteriously sexy
    2. He has an awesome accent
    3. He's absolutley down to earth
    4. heart melting smile
    5. He's funny
    6. He doesn't act like he's in Hollywood
    7. He's gracious
    8. He doesn't seem to know he's all that
    9. He dresses soooo cool
    10. He does sexy Photo shoots!!!!!!
    There are about 100 more reasons to loive him but there are ten
    I really would love to know him !! Luv ya Rob!!

  2. he is down to earth
    he is a great actor
    he has the best smile
    he has a sexy accent
    he is funny.
    he is sexy
    he loves his fans
    he is hot
    he doesn't let fame go to his head
    he is giving
    he has sexy hair