Thursday, July 8, 2010

53 Truths: Twilight vs True Blood

How many of us Twihards also sail the ships on the True Blood ocean? Don't be shy. It's okay to have room in your heart, mind, and fandom for more than one vampire saga. I know I do, and this is why I want to share with you all: 53 Truths, Twilight vs. True Blood. For example: Did you know that vampires on True Blood cannot come out during the daylight? And not because they sparkle like a million diamonds like our Cullen Clan in Twilight, but because they burn? Let's begin this "battle" between HBO's Emmy Nominated "True Blood" and our own, record breaking and record setting saga: Twilight! We'll compare and contrast the similarities and differences between two of the hottest Vampire Sagas around,ready? Let's begin.

Sparkling Skin

The Cullens don't burn in the sun, they sparkle.

Only Darkness

The vampires of True Blood cannot come out during daylight, and they cannot enter someone's home without being invited first

Vampire Love.

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are rumored to have an off-screen romance, but no confirmation of that just yet.

Real Love.

Stephen Moyer and Anna Paquin have an on-screen and off-screen romance.

Close to the Boarder

The Twilight Saga is filmed in Vancouver, Canada.

L.A & LA

True Blood is filmed in Los Angeles and Louisiana

Gloomy residence.

The Twilight Saga is set in Forks – Washington.

Good Times.

True Blood is set in Bon Temps, a fictional city in Louisiana

Human Strength.

Twilight does not mention anything about humans needing vampire blood for strength or agility

Thirst for Blood

In True Blood, vampire blood is used as a drug called V, with which all human abilities are magnified and even has healing abilities.

Golden Eyes

The Cullens have golden eyes when their hunger is controlled, and black eyes when they need to feed

Big Bite

There is no physical change when True Blood vampires are thirsty


The Cullen kids go to high school, Dr. Carlise is a doctor, they all pretend to eat too to mingle and emulate being human. Very few know of their vampiric tendencies

The Minority.

In True Blood the vampires are known about in society and live alongside humans. They just try to adjust to this cohabitation.

Animal Blood.

The Cullens are vegetarian vampires, they do not kill humans for blood.

Longing for BloodSedientos de Sangre

Bill Compton, the main vampire in True Blood, only drinks a synthetic formula, created to keep vampires alive and without having to bite and kill humans.

Blurry Past.

Most of the vampires in the Twilight Saga do not recall their human existence.

Sharp Identity.

All of the vampires on True Blood remember what it's like to be human.

Mind Reader

Edward can read minds, except Bella's of course.

Sixth Sense

Sookie, a human in True Blood, can read minds--both vampire and human. Except her love, Bill's

My Bella.

Edward is attracted to Bella for her shyness, her gentility, his inability to read her mind making her a puzzle, and her distinct scent.

Bill's Crush

Bill is fascinated by Sookie for her telepathy and her uniqueness among other humans.

Cullen Powers

Jasper, empathy. Alice, premonitions.

Mind Boggling.

Vampires on True Blood can hypnotize.


Jacob, shape-shifts into a wolf

Never Seen, Only Heard

Wolves and Werewolves are mentioned in True Blood but never actually seen.


The Twilight Saga is narrated by Bella.

No Narrating.

True Blood has no narrating.


Twilight vampires are decapatated and burned to be killed.

Stakes and Silver.

True Blood vampires are killed with a stake through the heart and cannot touch silver or they burn.

Mythical Beings.

In Twilight, vampires are considered mythical beings.


In True Blood, vampires are real--a population of those on Earth.

Bitten by a Vampire.

To become a vampire in Twilight, you are bitten and have to survive a few days of transformation.

Delicious Bite.

To become a vampire in True Blood the human must be bitten by a vampire, and then that human bite the vampire back.

Hidden Fangs.

Twilight vampires hide their fangs.

Happy Fangs.

True Blood vampires decide when to produce their fangs.

Natural Ways.

In Twilight, people shy away from the Cullens even if they do not know about their vampire ways.


In True Blood, vampires have assimilated to society despite being a minority.

Immune to the Influence.

In Twilight, Bella is immune to vampiric abilities


In True Blood, Sookie can't be touched or manipulated by vampires.

Bumming it?

In Twilight, vampires migrate constantly--like gypsies.


In True Blood, vampires live among humans.

The Law.

In Twilight, the Volturi control vampire law.

Vamp regulations.

In True Blood, there are five counties--each with a "sheriff".

Soul Mates.

In Twilight, vampires have a soul mate/life mate. Hence, Alice and Jasper, Rosalie and Emmett, Carlisle and Esme, and Bella and Edward.

Vampire property.

In True Blood, when a vampire creates a new vampire they are considered property.

Wolf Like.

In Twilight, a vampire has to be near for a human to shape shift into a wolf.

Real Dog.

In True Blood, Sam Merlotte, can control when he becomes a dog, except for Maryan who can control Sam.

Like Humans.

The Cullens emulate breathing and moving like a human--but they are faster and stronger.

White and Ice

In True Blood, vampires are like humans except they are cold and icy.

No Dreams.

In Twilight, vampires don't sleep.

Underground Sleep.

In True Blood, vampires sleep underground to re-energize.

Super Strong, Super Fast.

In Twilight and True Blood, vampires are super strong and super fast beings.

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  1. That's not true about not seeing Werewolves in True Blood. When Bill is kidnapped they're seen and in Twilight they don't have fangs to hide.

  2. Unfortunately it seems that you are basing your True Blood thoughts only on the TV show and not the books. Yet you use the books for Twilight and not the movies.

    In the books for True Blood there is more to the exchange of blood between a human and a vampire. If a human drinks enough blood from one vampire (more than three times in a short period) they become bonded and can feel each others emotions and presence.

    Also there is more to Bill's "love" of Sookie. But I don't want to be a spoiler so I won't go into it. Let me just say that he is not the main love interest in the series though he loves Sookie and almost dies more than once for her.

    In the books Bill is also not "a vegetarian" he does drink True Blood, a synthetic blood made in Japan, but he also drinks from Sookie a lot and after they break up he finds "others" to drink from. He even dates two other women while trying to get Sookie back.

    Sookie in the books can only read the minds of human with ease. She can read Weres minds, but it's more difficult and she's only ever read one vampire's mind for sure though she thinks she might have read another vampires mind later, but isn't sure.

    Weres, people who can shift into one particular animal, and Shifters, people who can shift into any animal at any time, are seen throughout the series and their influence grows as the books go on.

    Finally in the books for True Blood the vampires are very different than human. Not only are they paler and cold to the touch, but will have "down time" as Sookie puts it where the vampire is completely still. Not breathing, not moving, not seeing. It's very unnerving to humans. They also have more powers, though it can vary. Vampires can fly, hypnotize (mind control), speak with their children telepathically, re-grown body parts, heal from any wound, cure other vampires with their blood, and we're still learning more about their powers.

  3. I like these! Not a fan of TB but it's good enough. It did get an Emmy nom right?

    To the comments: read the article all the way. Clearly this came from an outside source. Take it up with them.

    Hey Bella, could you do Vampire Diaries and Twilight? I love VD!

  4. Thanks "anonymous" for fixing all the inaccuracies here. Bill drinks from Sookie on the show, too, remember when she wears the scarf to work and Tara gets all mad? It's almost as if whoever wrote this not only didn't read the SVM books but doesn't watch the tv show either.