Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Ashley Greene Moving To NYC?

She's definitely thought about it, after stating in a recent interview that it just gets too crazy in LA with all the paparazzi following her around.

She says, “The other day I had eight paparazzi following me. And for what? To watch me eat ice cream? It’s just silly. That’s why I’m looking for an apartment in New York. There’s so much going on here (in New York) and I don’t think everything would drop just because I walked into a room. It’s nice.

“There are times where I have to sit back and breathe but at the end of the day I would rather have this life than not.”

{via ashley-greene.us}


  1. i agree with you, You should come to Montreal

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  3. come to virginia

  4. Maybe you should come to visit Thailand!
    I remember, you said you love Thailand. We are all love you!

    I am a little bit prefer your short hair as Alice, but no matter what, it is so perfect for you!