Sunday, July 11, 2010

Blue Spandex Jacob!

Oh my goodness! I found these and thought they were super hilarious! I am assuming this is the scene where Bella is talking to Jacob's wolf form. Taylor was being a major sport and climbed into this skin tight suit to be a point of reference for Kristen.

He really does look like a Teletubbie. Rob, for anything you lack in strength and muscles....this totally makes up for it HA HA! Hey look at it this way...if this career path doesn't work out for Tay, he can always join the Blue Man Group! :)


  1. Great! Gammy Sparkles

  2. I was eager to see taylor with blue spandex haha like he said: looks like a Teletubbie xDD! but he's always beautiful, don't care what he wears :)