Thursday, July 1, 2010

Fan 'Eclipse' Review: Simply Amazing

By: Misty
Location: USA

Finally June 30th came! A group of us girls went to the midnight showing of Eclipse and it was simply amazing! The whole night was packed full of Twilight fun:)

We started the night off with an awesome Eclipse premiere party with Bella's enchiladas on the menu and a gorgeous blood red velvet cake. Of course we had the Eclipse soundtrack playing in the background and even had a special place reserved for Jacob ;)

At our theater in Mount Airy, North Carolina, they were showing all three movies, so we actually got to see New Moon again! It was even better than the last time I saw it in theaters :) But then it was onto Eclipse!

The first scene was intense and I wasn't really expecting that in the beginning but I LOVED it! I loved how director, David Slade, gave Riley and Victoria a real presence. And let's just say after watching last night, I am feeling some love for Team Riley!

My fears were put to ease about the movie being too much action and not enough lovin' ;) but the romance between Edward and Bella was of epic proportions! I believe out of the three movies, Eclipse is by far the closest to the book. I was thoroughly impressed by the cinematic quality of the movie as well. It surpassed the first two by far.

Rob, Kristen, and Taylor all three kicked up their acting game in this installment of the saga. Taylor especially, to me, made massive improvements and his acting didn't seem so rehearsed. He was much more natural in this film and I enjoyed watching him (even though I'm hardcore Team Edward).

Kristen killed it! She was more emotionally connected this go around. I could honestly feel how tortured her heart was and how torn between the two of them she was. Kristen's chemistry with Rob is surreal and I adore watching these two on screen together. Even the kiss with Jacob was beautiful.

I must say I love angry Edward! Rob gave us an outstanding performance. He was soft and tender but boy does he look sexy when he's angry :) It was nice to get to see Edward break bad and not be the nice guy for once.

Everything was wonderful! There were a few bits here and there I may have changed but overall David Slade did a fabulous job! He really set the ground work for Breaking Dawn (my favorite book) to be EPIC! I will definitely be in line to go see this again this week!

Check out some more premiere pics below and the shirt I made just for the occasion :)

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