Monday, July 5, 2010

'Eclipse' Soundtrack - Scene By Scene

A BIG THANKS to Mandy's Mind for compiling this list of what scenes the Eclipse soundtrack songs are found.

The list does contain SPOILERS if you haven't seen the film so don't read beyond this point! :) *Note: they are in order of track listing, not in the order of where they appear in the film.

1. Metric “Eclipse (All Yours)” –
Instrumental played in last meadow scene as well as various other points in the film at various speeds. Regular version in credits.

2. Muse “Neutron Star Collision ( Love is Forever)” –
2nd song played during graduation party at Cullen’s house.

3. The Bravery “Ours” –
1st song played during graduation party at Cullen’s house.

4. Florence + The Machine “Heavy in your Arms” –
Credits. Sadly. I think this song is a fan favourite and we all had high expectations for it’s placement. Then again, a song gets more playtime in credits.

5. Sia “My Love” –
Leg Hitch Lovin’ rawr! At the Cullen house in Edward’s new bed. This is when Bella wants to have sex and they make-out then Edward rejects her telling her he is old fashioned.

6. Fan Farlo “Atlas” –
Plays briefly in Edwards car when he drives Bella to drop her off with Jacob.

7. The Black Keys “Chop and Change” –
This is in the opening when Riley leaves the bar and the shadow version of Victoria bites and changes him.

8. The Dead Weather “Rolling in on a Burning Tire” –
Victoria and Riley under the bridge (well it just looks like a bad part of town)

9. Beck and Bat for Lashes ” Let’s Get Lost”-
Bella reading the letter from Jacob and going to her truck only to find Edward has made it so she can’t go anywhere.

10. Vampire Weekend “Jonathon Low”-
Edward drops Bella off to go hang with Jacob and they go to Sam & Emily’s place.

11. Unkle “With You in My Head (featuring The Black Angels)” –
Fight training with the Cullen’s and the wolves.

12. Eastern Conference Champions ” A Million Miles an Hour” –
In the school parking lot when Jacob is on his motorbike as Edward and Bella arrive.

13. Band of Horses ” Life on Earth”-
Bella & Edward in Bella’s bed discussing “You’ll always be my Bella”"

14. Cee Lo Green “What Part of Forever” –

15. Howard Shore “Jacob’s Theme”-
When Jacob tells Bella “Choose Me” also when they kiss before battle and finally when he is injured at the end in bed and she visits him.

Also Bonus Tracks:

“The Line” by Battles
I don’t know when

“How Can You Swallow So Much Sleep” by Bombay Bicycle Club
During Cafeteria Scene?

“Clair de Lune”
When Bella arrives at Edward’s house before the leg hitch / bedroom scene. Also when Edward gives her the diamond heart to add to her bracelet.

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  1. Thanks! I was trying to picture the scenes as I heard the songs, but have only seen it twice so couldn't figure it out yet!

  2. thanks for doing this list,it was very helpfull!

  3. thankyou for this :) when people watch films i dont think we ever really appriciate the fantastic music behing the scenes :)

  4. Thanks, you're a legend. I love working out the soundtrack to the scenes.