Saturday, July 3, 2010

'Eclipse': Top 10 Shirtless Hunks

Us Magazine has compiled their list of "Eclipse's Top 10 Shirtless Hunks." Do you agree with their ranking? Well, I'll definitely agree with their #1 pick ;)

1. Robert Pattinson

Does the real-life Edward Cullen ever get jealous of co-star Taylor Lautner? "I want to have better hair than him," Pattinson, 24, has joked. "I want to have a better six-pack!"

2. Kellan Lutz

"I could be super ripped if I didn't eat so many gummy bears," Lutz tells Us. But the actor, 25, cut back on his favorite candy when he shot a Calvin Klein underwear campaign. "I started training parts of my legs that I hardly ever trained. I tried to bulk up to make the underwear look good."

3. Taylor Lautner

The 18-year-old actor famously packed on 26 lbs of muscle for New Moon. "It's actually quite uncomfortable knowing so many people are seeing [my body]!" Lautner told Us in 2009. "It's a little bit embarrassing."

4. Chaske Spencer

The 35-year-old actor took a time out from the gym between New Moon and Eclipse. "I need to gain more weight, but you have to take breaks in between those so you can pack on weight," Spencer tells Us. "I want to get up to 210, maybe 220."

5. Tyson Houseman

Is the 20-year-old actor (who plays werewolf Quil) looking for a girlfriend? "I don't like to get into my personal life that much," he has said. "But I can say that I like people with a lot of creative energy, and a passion for whatever it is that they do."

6. Bronson Pelletier

How does the 23-year-old actor (who plays werewolf Jared) keep his toned abs looking tanned? "Good old bronzer," he tells Us.

7. Kiowa Gordon

"When we showed up, they were like, 'We got you a personal trainer. You guys are gonna train hard!'" Gordon, 20, says of his first day on set. "And so we were like, 'Sweet, we get to work out!'"

8. Alex Meraz

"I don't think I ever have a shirt on," the actor, 25, jokes to Us. "It's fun!"

9. Peter Facinelli

"It became almost like an in-house competition," Facinelli, 36, tells Us of working out in-between takes. "Sometimes we would work out three times a day. But eventually, I was like, 'OK, Kellan wins!'"

10. Xavier Samuel

How is the 26-year-old Australian handling his new fame? "I'm not under the microscope in the same fashion that a lot of the other cast members are," Samuel has said. "I think I can slide under the radar a little bit more, but getting any attention at all is completely new for me."



  1. Disagree.
    1. Taylor
    2. Robert
    3. Kellan Lutz
    4. Kiowa Gordon
    5. Alex meraz
    6. Bronson Pelletier
    7. Xavier Samuel
    8. Peter Facinelli
    9. Tyson Houseman
    10. Chaske Spencer

  2. Why the heck is Robert #1?!?! I defiantly disagree on that

  3. I also disagree:

    1. Taylor
    2. Alex Meraz
    3. Robert
    4. Kellan Lutz
    5. Kiowa Gordon
    6. Xavier Samuel
    7. Bronson Pelletier
    8. Tyson houseman
    9. Peter Facinelli
    10. Chaske Spencer

  4. 1. Taylor Lautner
    2. Alex Meraz
    3. Kellan Lutz
    4. Kiowa Gordon
    5. Xavier Samuel
    6. Robert Pattinson
    7. Bronson Pelletier
    8. Tyson Houseman
    9. Peter Facinelli
    10.Chaske Spencer

    Even though I'm 100% Team Edward.... Taylor DEFINETLY deserves #1

  5. 1. Kellan
    2. Taylor
    3. Alex
    4. Peter
    5. Xavier
    6. Rob
    7. Kiowa
    8. Bronson
    9. Tyson
    10. Chaske


  6. Taylor

  7. Anyone notice that #10 is not Xavier Samuel?? It's Lachlan Buchanan from an Australian movie the two did together.

  8. Dude, I was just going to say that it wasn't him!

  9. Disagree:

    Taylor Lautner
    Kellan Lutz
    Alex Meraz
    Xavier Samuel
    Robert Pattinson
    Kiowa Gordon
    Peter Facinelli
    Bronson Pelletier
    Tyson Houseman
    Chaske Spencer

  10. That's not even Xavier, dude! That cheesed me off a bit... I was getting all excited for a shirtless Xavier, but that was a bit disappointing. I disagree with the order of the wolves entirely. Alex Meraz should be the first out of the wolves in my opinion.

  11. That picture isn't Xavier Samuel, it's Lachlan Buchanan, from the 2008 film "Newcastle", in which they co-starred as brothers.