Monday, July 12, 2010

Fan 'Eclipse' Review: Best of the Three Movies

By: Nikki
Location: USA

It's been a few weeks now since I attended the midnight premiere of The Twilight Saga: Eclipse and I finally have a chance to sit down and give my two cents about the film :)

First off, the turnout for the film was extremely high than it was for New Moon in my area. Lines were insane (check out the pic below) and midnight showings didn't start in time because of it - they were still letting people into the theaters after midnight.

Also, this time around there were no trivias or goodies handed out for fans waiting in line. The only Eclipse goodie I came home with was an Eclipse pin.

Now, onto the movie....

I thought Eclipse was an AMAZING movie! And I'll have to agree with mostly everyone that it is the best out of the three movies. It had a good amount of humor, action and romance to satisfy me and hopefully other fans too.

Favorite scenes definitely include: the bedroom scene, the tent scene, the backstories of Rosalie and Jasper, the fight scene and the scene where Edward says "You'll always be my Bella".

The bedroom scene was definitely something I was anxious to see in Eclipse! Leghitch and everything! You could tell that Rob and Kristen were naturally themselves in that scene. Overall, Rob seemed more confident playing the role of Edward so definite kudos to him!

I couldn't get over Kristen's wig >_< I asked people who didn't know she was wearing a wig what they thought about her hair and they said it looked like her natural hair so I guess that's a good thing. In some shots it just didn't look right.

The backstories were amazing! You could definitely feel the emotion when Rosalie was telling her story. And seeing Jackson in his time period costumes? What more could you ask for?! ;)

Overall, I thought David Slade delivered with the third film - he kept his promise to the fans and put his all into it and you can definitely tell while watching the film. The cast was incredible and there's no doubt I'll be watching this movie as many times as I can while it's out in theaters :)


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