Monday, July 5, 2010

Fan 'Eclipse' Review: Immaculate

Eclipse PremiereBy: Katie B.
Location: USA

Its 4:21am central standard time and I have just finished processing my wonderful Eclipse day. After watching both Twilight and New Moon I left for the theater. I arrived at 6:00pm for 8th in line. Shortly after the groups started pouring in and by the time they started letting people inside. I later found out from the movie theater staff that the midnight screenings were sold out and roughly 1400 people were in attendance.

As the lights went down the screaming began. I feel the beginning of the movie showed us how important Stephenie’s “The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner” was to understanding this movie. There were quite a few flashes to Seattle with Victoria/Riley based storyline not originally in the twiverse. However I felt this helped make the movie as dark as it needed to be since there is never enough time to delve into the detailed love triangle. It helped create the mood that the book does.

Spoiler alert! I must compliment the movie. Rosalie’s back story was very detailed and terrifying while maintaining the pg-13 rating. But David nailed it down to a tee with the scene where she is hunting Royce King appearing in a wedding gown to kill him. Unfortunately I feel that Jasper’s story lacked. I think that should have introduced Peter and Charlotte. How are they going to do that in Breaking Dawn without just having them “appear”? I also feel that moving the comment about Jake giving Bella presents to New Moon caused the 5 carat diamond heart on Bella’s bracelet to be ignored. Other than one line per main love triangle character it wasn’t mentioned.

Eclipse PremiereThe scene in the Edwards bedroom prior to the fight was perfect. Leg hitch scene a success and the most beautiful song on the soundtrack by Sia. :D

The tent scene was amazing. Not a single line left to imagination. Melissa Rosenberg quoted the exact lines from the book which was great because there wasn’t an embellishment that could have made the scene better. Unfortunately they immediately screwed up the Jacob/Bella kiss when the fact that he would have kissed Bella either was omitted. It just makes Bella look like a cruel and impulsive person. However, this next area of artistic interpretation by David Slade took the cake. The sound effects and visual shattering of vampires as they were torn apart were absolutely perfect. I feel since there was no blood throughout the fight other than Bella’s, there could have been way more carnage as far as newborn dismemberment. For the most part all they lost were their heads. Did we get transported to wonderland without my knowledge? And the only vampire that got set ablaze was Victoria; I didn’t see a single plume of smoke.

I have to say that the ending was also immaculate. Exactly the way the book ended with both of them in the meadow with the discussion of Alice making all the wedding plans and Bella asking for her ring, in Edward’s pocket, so that they can go tell Charlie.

This is by far the best movie of all three and I’m going to see it again tomorrow after work.

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