Monday, July 5, 2010

Fan 'Eclipse' Review: It All Starts With a Choice

By: Femke Van S.
Location: Europe

It all starts with a choice. That’s Eclipse’s tagline. It’s pretty accurate, though it should probably be choices, quoting Jane’s “Decisions, decisions…”. For the first time in all three movies, the original beginning of the book has not been used in the movie. It is there in the movie, but it’s more spread around and less obvious. I’d say this was the best opening so far. There was excitement right away, action and romance.

This was until now also Kristen’s and Taylor’s best acting. Robert has never quite gotten any better since Twilight. That doesn’t of course make him worse, he’s just the same. Our Edward. And what more do we need? Kristen for once got to me emotionally. It was the very first time, never had that happened to me in Twilight or New Moon. Taylor is better than ever. He outdoes himself every single time. He is definitely turning into the actor that he should have been before he got casted. But, let’s just be happy that he is now getting there, and we have a succeeded Jacob.

The story is very accurate to the book, there were no real changes made in the plot. Sure, small details were left out, and sometimes even big details, but nothing that you needed was missing. I think when it comes to the plot of this film, it was the better one out of the three.

The romance was all there. It started out with the love between Bella and Edward, and ended with it. The complications in their relationship, and the compromises between them were very well recaptured. I think David Slade knows very well what the audience wants, even though he normally doesn’t direct these types of movies. He saved Eclipse, because god knows any other director could have made a huge mess out of it.

The action was perfect in every way. There wasn’t too much, there wasn’t too less. The special effects looked beautiful. There was one tiny little part where I was so disappointed, it really looked terribly fake, but apart from that I thought the effects were really great and better than in New Moon!

The comedy. For me Jacob is the comedy. Not Taylor, but Jacob. He’s got some pretty funny comments in the movie, as you might know if you’ve read the book. Also, Charlie again is in a comedian’s mood. And the one person that makes me laugh with anything he says, if it were a joke or not, Emmett! He’s got a few more lines now and it just makes me laugh anytime he says anything.

My one big disappointment this time was the Tent Scene. I remember reading this scene and just getting so happy inside. It wasn’t particularly a funny scene, but it was a happy scene. I bet very many people felt the same way while reading this chapter. And even though, in the movie it was almost literally taken from the book, I just did not feel it. It wasn’t there for me.

The final battle was greatly done, nothing extraordinary, just following the book. The movie ends with Bella and Edward again, which I say is a perfect ending. Just a clean break from everyone else, and show the world that this is what it is all about.

I’d say Eclipse was my favorite book so far, but now it is also my favorite movie so far. Thank you David Slade, thank you actors, thank you Stephenie. You’ve all opened a new world for me!


  1. I totally agree with that!
    but i think twilight was my favourite movie
    and BD is my favourite book;)

    love from the Netherlands!

  2. Hey. That's my review. SWEET.

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  4. i agree with your comment on the tent scene , i didnt feel it too ..

  5. i saw the film,but thought it was a bit didn't seam to run the story smoothly,,and they left out some good parts of the book,,,,,like jake kidnapping bella out of school, and the part were in the tent edward open's the sleeping bag,but it was good-- not as good as new moon. marina