Thursday, July 8, 2010

Fan 'Eclipse' Review: Perfect

Eclipse PremiereBy: Stacie-Leanne W.
Location: Australia

June 30th couldn't come any faster as my best friend and I have been counting down to the premier of Eclipse since forever or so it had seemed. We eagerly purchased our 3 way tickets a few months in advance (the day they came out was the day we purchased) to have my best friend go in the draw to win the ultimate premier prize of seeing Eclipse before anyone else by buying 2x copies of New Moon dvd.

We decided that being big fans we would dress for the occassion and by doing so, we m
ade our very own Twilight Saga shirts. My best friend Sandie made one that said Twilight Princess and I had Twilight Mum :)

Sandie (my bestie) was very lucky to win the Premier of Eclipse in Brisbane, QLD, Australia at 6.30pm and we decided to dress for the part. Sandie wore her shirt and a pair of hot pink jeans and I wore my shirt with a black skirt and a long black hooded jacket. We were the only two out of the whole group of twilight fans to dress up but we weren't embarrassed what so ever! We loved the attention & why not, its Twilight :)

We made our shirts using diamontes and fixed white face/body paint all over ourselves as well as black lipstick, black eye shadow and I went the full hog and got red contact lenses just to play my part a little better. I wanted to be a Newborn but at the last minute I decided to be Jane or someone from the Volturi as I dyed my hair black for the occassion as well!

Not only did we do the early bird release, we also had our tickets ready for the midnight screening in our hometown Toowoomba, QLD, Australia! We had our friend Nicki save us a spot as she did the 3 Sagas together, we were as well but with the winning ticket we had to hand in Twilight & New Moon but they didn't stop us from watching it at home the day before!

At Vmax cinema we had no ads and it jumped straight into Riley and the scenes of the Newborns and Victoria - I know that was something I didn't expect what so ever! I really enjoyed the feel of it too, maybe more so from reading Bree Tanner but then I don't know.. I think I might even be on the Team Newborns haha

Eclipse PremiereI was worried that the movie wouldn't follow the book and it would have too much action but I was quite impressed with how David Slade directed it and there is nothing I would change what so ever.. Well maybe, some more scenes of Edward ;)

I really felt the love chemistry between Kristen & Rob as well - no awkwardness, it was PERFECT! Had a giggle when Bella & Jacob kissed though, it was beautiful but so didn't look right.. Maybe its because I'm used to the whole Bella/Edward?

LOVED watching Eclipse and was greatful that I seen it TWICE in one night! If I had my way with my Husband, I'll be lining up again to see it again but I promised I would wait until the hype settled down and re see it and drag my bestie off and a bunch of us Twilight Mums :)

I believe out of the three movies, Eclipse is by far the closest to the book. I was really impressed by the quality of the movie as well and it makes me ponder how Breaking Dawn will be, they seem to be getting better and better!

Rob, Kristen and Taylor did a FANTASTIC job this time around! I coudn't find any faults other than Rob stuffing up his accent a few times in the tent and when he was getting angry! Mmm angry Rob LOL! I also didn't like the wig on Kristen either but that was bound to happen due to the Runaways and Taylor was just HOT.. Wow! Did he get bigger this time around? I can't believe I wrote that, I'm so TEAM EDWARD all the way :)

The whole cinema was in fits of giggles with some of the quotes of Eclipse as well. I don't want to say which ones just in case some fans haven't had a chance to watch it yet but one of them is Charlie and Bella in their kitchen & the other is when Jacob is cuddling Bella.

Oh my the crowd was huge! Some of the fans had been lining up at 11am to watch Twilight and Sandie and I managed to get into our local paper here as well! We were on Facebook and Twitter telling people we were in the dungeon as at one stage we were nearly in the carpark!

I honestly believe I'm more of a Twilight fan since winning a trip over to Vancouver and seeing some of the many locations of Twilight, New Moon and a few of Eclipse before it anyone else did in Australia hehe! I also met Bronson & Kiowa and I may have their shape shifter as my last name but at the end of the day I'm still batting for the Cullens hehe!

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