Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Gil Birmingham Visits La Push And Forks

As I wrote last week Gil Birmingham (aka Billy Black) was honored by the Quileute Tribe and that he was about to participate in Quileute Days. You can read the rest of the post here.

Here are some photos from Gil himself that he posted yesterday at his facebook and the comments below every photo is his own too, so enjoy. :)

Treaty line...no vampries may cross...that includes you Edward!

La Push...what an honor!

Trying to be serious here, lol.

School of overacting perhaps, hehe!

Clowning around... Twilight menu? Is that a menu for vampires or wolves, lol?

La Push...so spectacularly beautiful...and the tribe and council are beautiful people too.

Forks...what can I say...beautiful place.

Wow this truck looks really familiar :)

Chairwoman Anna Rose Councell-Geyer, Gil Birmingham and Tribal Spokesperson Jackie Jacobs.

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