Monday, July 12, 2010

Interviewer Serenades Kristen Stewart

Singapore Idol (2009) Sezairi Sezal got the chance to sit down with a few of the Eclipse cast during the press junket in LA last month. He talks filming the action sequences with the Cullens and telepathy with the Wolfpack. And an interview with the winner of Singapore Idol 2009 wouldn't be complete without a bit of serenading. Watch as Sezairi shares a song with Kristen Stewart about Bella Swan.


  1. TwilightBlog, you have not posted anything about the national famous interviewer and celebrity's interview with Rob, Tay, Kris, Dakota, and someone else. His name is known as "Woody".

    The interview was in the last week of June, and was on-air for the first time in Thailand on June 30, as the regular schedule of the TV show named "Woody: born to talk" (Thai: วู้ดดี้ เกิดมาคุย).

    Full videos can be found on YouTube, but only from second half of part two, and the rest in part three and four are the interview. The rest are introducing, and so on for the show.

    Here they are:
    Part 1 (containing intro of the overall show)

    Part 2 (start interviewing in the second half of the clip)

    Part 3 (Continuing Jacob!! (I mean Taylor. XD) [from part 2])

    Last Part ("Woody" was so jet lag with his yawn. lol)

    Don't worry. The show was not recited by Thai sound, but say some introduction in Thai. The whole interview is only Thai-subtitled (what a concealment!).

    Please consider posting it on here. I think it was quite interesting and funny. "Woody" got a real hug and kiss (in the cheek) with Dakota as it was his dream, too!

  2. Sorry. A little mistake to correct: it was on-air for the first time in Thailand on Sunday June, 27th at 10PM (Thailand time; GMT+7).