Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Isle of Esme To Be Filmed in Brazil?

We already know that Breaking Dawn will be filmed both in Louisiana and Vancouver but could Brazil also be added to the location list?

In the following excerpt (roughly translated by pattinsonlife), Rio Film Commission has stated that they would like to have production come to Rio de Janeiro to film the Isle of Esme scenes.

Tuesday, July 13th, the director and RioFilme's CEO, Sérgio Leão Sá posteed on Twitter that parts of Breaking Dawn could be filmed in Rio de Janeiro. Robert Pattinson even commented that he'd love to come to the city.

Sérgio posted around 10AM: "RioFilme, SEC and Rio Film Commission are working on the 4th movie of the Twilight Saga to be shoot in Rio".

Brazil would definitely be a good fit to film the Isle of Esme scenes since the novel does say that the island is located off the coast of Rio de Janeiro. What better way to keep the exotic feel of those scenes and staying true to the book!

{via Twilight Saga Fan Community}


  1. It's only fair to shoot part of Breaking Dawn here in Rio,since it's on the book,we have many great places for the scenes.

  2. THEY MUST COME HERE! It will be such a huge pleasure!

  3. Eu adoraria acompanhar de perto as filmagens do Breaking Dawn, vou torcer muito para que isso aconteça realmente, o Brasil aguarda com expectativa, certamente será outro grande sucesso. Beijos

  4. I´m really happy that u used my tweet here!!!! Happy to help u!!! Everytime that i read something about i ll send u! If u need some help to translate things from portuguese to english, i´m here to help!
    And we´re here waiting to see if this is true!!!

  5. We hope so, it would be great if they came to Brazil! I am a Brazilian fan and everybory can making sure the Brazil will receive them with open arms!