Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Melissa Rosenburg Shares 'BD' Script Details

Melissa Rosenburg was in France this past weekend where she attended the Twilight Paris convention. She got onto the topic of Breaking Dawn where she shares a few script details.


We now know that the last album, "Breaking Dawn" will be divided into two films. Do you already know how you do it?
For me, there is a natural separation in the book. I do not know yet exactly when we will stop in the first film, but in the first part of the book "Breaking Dawn" Bella is human, just married and pregnant while in the second part is a vampire and a mother. So somewhere in this transition, there is a natural separation. But I do not know yet exactly where it will be. It works.

Will you keep the book of Jacob?
No, we will not keep. Eclipse is a good way to introduce the book of Jacob, because in this film, we begin to move away from the simple perspective of Bella. We will see that the newborns, the Volturi ... we're really starting to move away from its point of view alone. So in Revelation, having the vision of Jacob on what will happen almost naturally. We will also maybe you can share other points of view.

The last album is really darker, more violent and more adult than the other three books. Will you keep these aspects in the adaptation?
Yes, absolutely! I think we can make a film more adult, more violent and sexy, while remaining accessible to the youngest. In fact, I do not see gallons of blood everywhere, I do not think this is necessary. I find instead that show everything away the suspense, horror ... I would prefer the way all this through Bella. Nevertheless everything is there, we are absolutely not shy from it all. We see for example the love scene between Edward and Bella, and the feathers will be at the rendezvous! (Laughter) As the scene of childbirth, which will be filmed as directed by the director. But we all agree that this scene appears in the film, and it is as close as possible to the book. He should expect a scene of horror!

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  1. jacobs book is a big part in breaking dawn, how can she not write it?! It shows jacobs pain of loosing bella, and how he imprints on renessmee? BUT, i am looking foward to breaking dawn so much!

  2. She is going to ruin this movie like all the others... They should have got a new writer as well... How can they not show Jacobs side??? That was a big part of the book... And Jacob was a big part of Bella's life... I think its horrible that the last movie will be ruined as well...

  3. "Will you keep the book of Jacob?
    No, we will not keep."

    ppppppfffff -.-""""""

  4. I am glad they are not going to keep the book of jacob to be honest, to me that was a boring part of thebook.

  5. MAn shes going to ruin the movie!!! Jacob was a HUGE part in Breaking Dawn and there not even going to put his story in!!! YOU NEED JAKES STORY IN!!! I was really hoping to see Jacobs story in but now theres no hope :( I just hope she doesn't screw up on Renesmee

  6. As for Jacob, I understood her comments to suggest that she will essentially show the stuff that goes on in his book without making it such a distinct and seperate part of the film. That would be choppy. Since Eclipse showed things going on that were not from Bella's perspective, they will show some of Jacob's story as the movie goes along. It will all be incorporated together. At least I thought that's what she meant...???

  7. im not even interested in breaking dawn w/o jacob's story! what kinda drama is this! to cut him out like that is to say that jake isn't as important as riley or victoria! im starting to get a feeling that im not going to like breaking dawn.

  8. do she really need to put the adult scenes in it i have siblings who is a fan and they don't want to see all of that. and how can u not put jacob's side in that introduces the birth scene and reneseme. F .Y. I GET A NEW WRITER

  9. woah woah woah calm down guys she didn't say their tottaly cutting all that out I think what she ment is it won't be writting from Jacob's perspective

  10. THANK YOU Mellissa NOW we can enjoy the books the last 3 has been alot of JACOB so now we can get to the true love story of Edward and Bella.Yes when the time is right for Jacob to imprint on Renessmee I know you well do your best THANK you