Thursday, July 22, 2010

'Twilight' Fangs Increasing in Popularity Among Teens

How far would you go for Twilight? Well, these teens are proving they'll do anything to get one step closer to the Saga, especially in becoming part of the Cullen clan, literally. But wait a minute? The teen in this video says she's getting "vampire veneers" aka fangs because Edward Cullen has them? I've never noticed any fangs on Edward or the Cullens and newborns for that matter - just a strong set of teeth - so can we just say this cosmetic surgery, although temporary, makes no sense at all and is going a bit too far?

{via Twifans}


  1. She's not a die-hard fan. The vamps in the Twilight world don't have fangs. She's wasting her money.

    She should just wear scarlet or golden eye contacts and wear really pale (if she's not of color) shimmery makeup, like any normal person. DUH!!! Ha ha!

  2. The vamps in the Twilight world don't have fangs

  3. You know what? I have "REAL" fangs that are "a lot SHARPER" than her "artificial ones".

    My canines are so sharp... like what wolves have, seriously. I was "born with" them (well, actually, after those milk teeth gone).
    And, I pay no bucks for them. lol~
    Everybody seeing them while I'm talking was like surprised, staring at them.