Tuesday, August 31, 2010

'Breaking Dawn' Producers in Rio on Hold

Breaking Dawn producers are in Rio De Janeiro to begin shooting footage for the film. Unfortunately, all filming has been put on hold due to a shootout and a hostage situation at an upscale hotel. It is said they will make a decision soon as to whether or not to film in Rio De Janeiro. If it is decided Rio will stay on schedule, the actors are not set to arrive until this fall. Rio, huh? I am willing to bet this will be the setting for the honeymoon scene. One of my faves!!

{via deadbolt news}


  1. Um duh they went through Rio on way to Esme Isle very glad they are sticking with book =) makes me very very happy

  2. I live in Brazil, and I loved the news.

  3. What a terrible hotel!
    If they decide not to film in Rio, it'll be all that disgusting hotel's fault!

    Tell us the name of the hotel, please...
    So we can make a ... ahem.. pay *cough* .. hard payment... in the near future!