Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Lautner Lawsuit over Trailer

Taylor Lautner portrays sexy Jakob Black in The Twilight Saga movies. He exudes tenderness and patience for the object of his affection, Bella Swan. Recently, however, Lautner showed another side to his usually pleasant and upbeat demeanor. A lawsuit was filed by Lautner, for breach of contract and fraud. According to the lawsuit, an RV company failed to deliver a $300,000 trailer to the set of Taylor's new movie, Abduction, on time. Delivery had been set for June 21st. The Lautner lawsuit lists emotional distress and annoyance among the reasons for the lawsuit and is also seeking unspecified punitive damages. Sounds a little premature and a little like a temper tantrum. Hopefully the issue will be resolved quickly.

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  1. Well, why not?
    I mean if someone fail to do something, you should be upset.
    If it's a big thing like this, only being upset is not enough.
    He has something else to do, too. We all have, actually, but he should be so busy - far more busy than any of us.
    And, like normal American, they always sue, don't they?
    Isn't that our rights to care of?

  2. yeah they should have had that there on time! and look how much that cost! I would be extremely pissed off!!

  3. It just sounds odd that they could not get him the trailer on time there is no excuse. When you make a deal with anyone, in general you expect him, her, or them to come though on that deal. With this emotional distress situation I, hope there is more than just a trailer for Taylor this is horrible I feel upset just thinking about it. I mean they must be almost finished with Abduction or something. This is such an annoyance I wish Taylor the best hope it will end quickly in his favor.

  4. Oh my God, all of you...please get real! He is throwing a temper tantrum. There's no reason to defend his childish behavior because you're probably "Team Taylor."

  5. Throwing a temper tantrum? If the Trailer was supposed to be there on the 21st of June, and they didn't specify whether it's there now or not, that's well over a month late! I would angry as well and I'm pretty sure you would be too! You don't spend $300,000 on something, sign a contract and than not deliver. What do you think the RV company would have done had Taylor breeched the contract? Probably the same thing!

  6. Emotional distress?? Clearly this boy doesnt have to live in the real world, only today I saw a couple in New Orleans still living in a trailer on their driveway as they cant afford the repairs to their house after Katrina! Fair enough if it was supposed to be there but a lawsuit??, lets hope he makes a donation to charity with the compensation he gets! Oh and by the way TEAM EDWARD!!

  7. I agree about being upset and wanting money back to....but this is clearly the act of someone living the life of the rich and famous. It must be nice to be able to spend that much on a trailer anyways and then have emotional stress over it not being there. ha! This boy hasn't experienced emotional stress. lol. His most stressful moment is choosing which hair gel to use. lol