Thursday, August 19, 2010

'True Blood' Vs. 'Twilight', Are There Really Any Comparisons?

Thanks to the magical dream and creative nature of Stephanie Meyer, Edward and Bella were born...ok, and those other people in Twilight too hehe :) Twilight captures the essence of first love and in Bella and Edward's case, eternal love. Then on the other hand, following suit with the latest vampire craze, there is True Blood. Sex, lies, blood, greed and passion fuel the craze over this adult series. Obviously with combined efforts from the author (Charlene Harris) and creators of the show, True Blood is most definitely driven toward a much more mature audience. Both series are constantly being compared...but is there any comparison?

Stephanie's target audience was intended to be teens, but this story hits home for anyone that has ever experienced that first love and how powerful of a feeling it was. She didn't find it necessary to use stereotypical characteristics of vampires to make her stories stand out. It was a nice breath of fresh air to read about a vamp who wasn't so evil and sex driven. A vampire with a heart? What a new concept!

For those of you who have read or watched True Blood, you are aware that the only likenesses are the presence of vampires :) Don't get me wrong, I love True Blood very much, but on a very different level for very different reasons. But somehow the two of these always seem to be in a "Whose the Best" competition.

Recently the main characters of True Blood pasted their naked bodies covered in blood splatters all over the cover of Rolling Stone. Definitely a "different" approach but VERY effective. As guessed, the cover is turning out to be very controversial. The creator made a statement about what "real" vampires should be.

True Blood creator Alan Ball says all the racy sex scenes and nudity are necessary. "To me, vampires are sex," he says. "I don't get a vampire story about abstinence. I'm 53. I don't care about high school students. I find them irritating and uninformed."

Well well, sounds to me like Mr. Ball has never met his Bella! Under most circumstances, comments like this against Twilight get me on the defensive, but these two series are as different as night and day. Let's look at it this way ladies...Edward is the guy every girl wants to love her and that would treat her like a queen and Eric is the guy every girls wants, but has no business having :) and one we "should" only enjoy on a much more mature level hehe. Although I must add I would not have any issue with a naked Twilight cover (as long as its Rob) ;)

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  1. TWilight..BETTER!

  2. I am WAY more invested in Twilight and have a healthy obsession ha ha