Thursday, August 12, 2010

Why So Appealing?

Say "Welcome" to our new contributing writers, Patrica!
The Twilight Saga
has young women and adult women alike going gaga for its characters. What makes the Twilight Saga so appealing? Well it couldn’t possibly be the breathless love story involving Bella and Edward. And really, who could get excited over a love triangle between two extremely hot young creatures such as Edward and a perpetually shirtless Jacob?

It is all of this and more. The constant confrontations between Edward and Jacob as they both compete for the love of Bella, a naïve young girl who oozes innocence. The effervescing beauty of Rosalie, Alice, Emmet, Jasper, Esme, and Carlise as they struggle to hold on to a shred of their humanity.

As mush as we, as the female species, want to have Edward and Jacob to ourselves, we cant help but want Edward and Bella to survive the obstacles in their path. Some prefer to hope for Jacob to win her heart, but we all know Bella only has eyes for Edward.

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