Tuesday, September 28, 2010

And Let The Casting Begin!! Irina Has Been Casted

Its getting exciting folks! Casting announcements are starting to trickle out setting the pace for one of the most epic movies EVER! Deadline.com has reported that Maggie Grace will be playing Irina (you know the girl who almost single handily destroys the Cullens) in the upcoming Breaking Dawn. Maggie can be seen playing "Shannon" from the TV show Lost.

Irina is apart of the Cullen's "extended" family, the Denali Coven. We all know the story but she falls in love with Laurent and gets extremely pissed when the wolves kill him off. She is taken over by her rage and resentment that she goes seeking revenge and sees Bella and Jake playing with Renesmee and then goes to tattle to the Volturi. The Cullens were almost destroyed...so yeah ok I don't like her character at all :)

As far as her physical presence, I think this was a wise casting decision. This girl is gorgeous. I do not really know a lot about her acting but any woman can play an angry chic with a death grudge...

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