Saturday, September 18, 2010

Jackson Rathbone Is Going Back To His Roots

The Hollywood Gossip spoke with Jackson about filming the last installment of The Twilight Saga. He seemed more than enthusiastic with the choice of director and the fact that one of the filming locations will be in his home state Louisiana. He is looking forward to working with Academy Award winner Bill Condon and maybe learning a thing or two along the way.

What are your thoughts on working with director Bill Condon? I’m extremely excited. I think we’re very blessed to have a director of his level being in this film. We’ve had such amazing directors and now we have an Academy Award winner directing the last two installments. It’s lovely because I get to learn something from each director. Their style and the way they run sets. One day when I pick up a script and start directing it myself, I’ll have a lot more to learn from. I’ll be able to use, or basically steal stuff from the directors I’ve worked with.

I would love the idea of Jackson directing for himself. He is such a unique individual and I would like to see a story told from his eyes. Although, I do prefer him in front of a camera versus stuck behind it :) He is just too pretty not to be seen.

Jackson also mentioned how great it will be to be filming parts of Breaking Dawn in Louisiana. All southern boys appreciate any chance to get to their roots (God, I love that). He told THG that he had loads of family there and looks forward to being in his realm.

How do you feel about filming in Louisiana? Louisiana is my home state. I’m from Texas to a certain degree, but my mother and my father were both born and raised in Louisiana. I get to see family, so that means real Louisiana home cooking, and there’s a very important aspect that we’re bringing a lot of work into Louisiana at a very difficult time for the state. It’s been one thing after the other and it hurts me that things are the way they are but hopefully we’ll be able to bring a little ray of sunshine, which is kind of funny since it’s a vampire film.

Hey Jackson, North Carolina could use a little sunshine too, I'm just saying. On a serious note, its pretty awesome that the cast is still so excited about the series. At first I was afraid they would get burnt out and treat it just like a "job", but these guys are so greatful for everything they have gained from Twilight. Most of that is in part to us die hard Twi-hards. We are the best fans EVER!

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