Monday, September 13, 2010

Ashley and Kirsten Work It At The MTV VMA's

The gorgeous Ashley Greene (Alice) and Kirsten Prout (Lucy) walked the white carpet at yesterday night's MTV Video Music Awards. Ashley and Kirsten both rocked sexy mini dresses and sky-high heels.

{via The Vampire Club}


  1. OMG! Alice errr... I mean Ashley is sooooo sexy!

    Kirsten is pretty with that side smiling...

    My gf is gonna kill me if she see this post!
    Should I post this anonymously? lol~

  2. that's not kristen stewart right?!

  3. I love you ashley greene your beautiful! And no to the person who responded above me.. that's not kristen stewart that's someone who doesn't look like kristen AT ALL but has the first name simularities kirsten is the blonde and kristen is bella! LOL