Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Crazy About Twilight...Or Just Plain Crazy?

People say obsession like its a bad thing, but I am not sure I consider it obsessed, maybe just VERY passionate. Of course I am sure most of us are used to the nods and stares when almost every time we have a conversation, Twilight (or something related) will be the center of it. Its not just a story with fictional characters...Its something most of us Twi-hards relate to on some level.

The beauty of this series is the ability for almost everyone to relate to at least one character. For me, I relate most with Bella. I know what its like to feel like you are stumbling through life and never really having a perfect fit, but then you meet that one person (who could be so wrong for you on all levels) who makes you feel more like who you really are. Because I have experienced a lot of Bella's dilemmas as well, not that I have been madly in love with a vampire and a werewolf at the same time. I read Twilight from a very personal level, making me become more passionate or "obsessed." As a result Twilight plays a big role in my conversations, web chats, blog post, etc. but how far is too far?

We have all heard of the teens asking Robert Pattinson to bite them and who could forget the lady who asked him to bite her baby! Insane! Some folks go as far as getting tattoos and actually trying to be real-life Edward and Bella's. I suppose it is just like any cultural movement. When MC Hammer were a big deal, everyone had a pair of parachute pants. Right? There is a fine line between fantasy and reality and truth is, some die hard fans cross over that line and forget what's real and what's made up.

I think the main addiction with Twilight is that it gives hope. Hope for finding the greatest love we've ever known and keeping it no matter what. No matter what kind of fan you are, whether you are the kind that just enjoys the movies & books or if you are the kind who etches Edward's name in your skin, we are still the greatest fans on the planet. So I am dedicating this blog to every single Twilight fan out there. Don't let people call you obsessed...they are just jealous they have nothing in life to be as passionate about as we are with our fandom!


  1. um for me Its an excape from my everyday monotonous life. when I want to run away to LaPush or visit the Cullen's I can and do. Its not unhealthy, or weird. How many Trekkies or star wars feinds are there how come no one focus's on them?? And they've been obsessed for 20 yrs or more. Sure some people push it over the edge like the kids who are sucking eachothers blood, or the crazy tattoo's ( wait till ur 80 and u have this huge apple on ur back!)
    Honestly I think everyone has obsessions.
    Stephanie wrote her books so that the reader can easily place herself into Bella's shoes. We were all that akward teen looking to find true love. sometimes I beleive we're bred to do it.
    Honestly this book has made people do alot of "crazy" things they would never do. But on the other hand there are countless stories of finding love, making marriages better, loosing weight, looking better ect..... How can that be a bad thing?? I LOVE TWILIGHT and I will always LOVE TWILIGHT. I know I can be secure in myself saying that so to all those haters... SUCK A D**K

  2. I just love your comment! I feel the same way :) Man those tattoos are going to be insane when those folks are older! I love that you arent ashamed for your Twilight love! <3 Thanks for reading!

  3. Awwww thx ur too kind!! totally not ashamed!! and neither should anyone else be!! (did that make sense??) I'll probley visit this site obsessivly till it closes:) xoxoxo Jess

  4. :) That's awesome! I write about news and updates but sometimes I like to throw posts in like this to break from the same old thing :)

  5. Well I said it before I absolutley love ur posts, its good to be thinkin about somethin! Instead of mindlessley surfing Rob sites/ Twilight sites! Thx again for Breakin the News 24/7 ;)