Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Giving Kristen Some Love!

Today I am going to try something a little different. I have been on twitter all morning checking out all of the updated info on Breaking Dawn and of course the cast. Unfortunately I have come across a lot of hate for our dear Kristen Stewart. So I thought in light of that I would write a blog and dedicate it to one of my favorite stars.

When the Twilight droughts occur and there is no news to report, it seems Kristen is always the Guinea pig for "what can we make up now" stories. Usually she is the center of so-called news reports that bash her for being jealous, rude, and possessive. The girl never gets a break from the media frenzy! The major reason tabloids and reporters give her such a hard time is because of her off-screen relationship with Rob. Neither of the young stars have officially came out with their relationship, but aren't doing too much to hide it either.

I think it may be a mixture of feelings when it comes to Rob and Kristen. Either fans are jealous or they get irritated at the pair's obvious desire for privacy and want them to start falling all over one another on the street corner like media whores. Kristen has made it clear on many occasions that there are parts of her life that she will always keep private and to herself. She doesn't want to lose who she is throughout the fame Twilight has brought her. How could anyone possibly hate on her for that?!

Kristen's fidgeting fingers, clumsy falls, and serious stutters have also pegged her as a social pariah to the media. Kristen has addressed this issue many times explaining that her awkward etiquette on the red carpet, interviews, and award shows is simply pure old-fashioned nervousness. She is so paranoid of what comes out of her mouth and how others will take it. In turn she thinks entirely too much and almost always stumbles around for the words to say. Personally, I love that she cares so deeply about the fans and her craft to make such a conscious effort to say the right thing.

C'mon guys, give the girl a break. After all she is just a person. Being a celebrity does come along with the responsibility of handling the media and papz, but it doesn't make you super human and flawless. Let's try to look at her as the artist she is and not for the awkward, stumbling and fumbling, nervous wreck she appears to be (although that's one of my favorite traits about her) Ha ha I'm such Krisbian :)


  1. This is a great post!! I love it! :)

  2. ordinary individualOctober 6, 2010 at 2:02 PM

    kristen haters....umm go fuck yourselves...

  3. Great post edwardsbella 418 I loved it. I totally agree KStew gets hated on more than any twilight star and she is the reason twilight is. Her acurate protayal of bella and what she bring to the character through her own self is awe inspiring. I have seen many other KStew movies and I really respect her for taking on the movies most actors wouldnt. She May be shy, and fidgity but who is ANYONE to judge her?? And more improtantly what is going on in their miserable lives that they have to attack her? SO KSTEW HATERS YEAH UM.... U CAN SUCK IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Thank you so much Jess :) Today has been so discouraging because it seemed like every article and comment I read today was bashing her in some way. Everyone just wants her to be a media seeker like some stars. She is just Kristen. She wants to act and that's all. Just let her be her and love her for it...b/c she is effin AWESOME

  5. Love Kristen and this article so much! She does get bashed a lot and I don't really get why. I mean she is like the heart of twilight besides rob and Taylor. She is such an amazing actress and she doesnt let the fame defineher and get into her head. <3 her!

  6. this thing that you have done is great! I don't get why people hate her so much... she's a great actress, a great person, and a genius!
    I love the way she is, and she showing herself as she is, with her awkwarness, nervous and shy, shows us how she is... and she is just a GENIUS!

  7. U SAID IT EDWARDSBELLA418 :) Keep on bloggin girl. I just hope someone in Kristin's camp reads this and forwards it to her so she knows there are people out there who respect and love her :)