Wednesday, October 13, 2010

HUGE Breaking Dawn Casting Update!

OSummit has released a Huge list of casting updates! I am so pumped that they are casting all of the vampires that come to Forks to stand witness for the Cullens against the Volturri. It has been announced that the Egyptian, Irish, and Romanian Covens and the American Nomads have been cast! So the gang's all here...well almost :)

Twilight Lexicon outlined each coven to refresh our memories:


The Egyptian Coven is comprised of:
Omar Metwally (RENDITION, MUNICH) as Amun.
Andrea Gabriel (Lost, House) as Kebi.
Rami Malek (NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM) as Benjamin.
Angela Sarafyan (LOVE HURTS, THE GOOD GUYS) as Tia.

The Irish Coven is comprised of Marlane Barnes (THE TREE OF LIFE) as Maggie, Lisa Howard as Siobhan and Patrick Brennan as Liam.


· The Romanian Coven is comprised of Noel Fisher (THE PACIFIC, FINAL DESTINATION 2) as Vladimir and Guri Weinberg (MUNICH) as Stefan.


The American Nomads are comprised of:
Lee Pace as Garrett (Pushing Daisies, THE GOOD SHEPHERD).
Toni Trucks (MUSIC AND LYRICS) as Mary.
Bill Tangradi (Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles) as Randall.
Erik Odom as Peter.
Valorie Curry (Veronica Mars) as Charlotte.

WHOA! Its going to take a bit to research all of these guys but I am confident that Summit's crew knows what they are doing. Maybe someone should publish a guide to all of the vampires in Breaking Dawn! I hope they bring the humans back for Breaking Dawn, at least Jessica (I'm a little Team Jessica I must admit!) Keep posted for more news as we get it in!

{via TwilightLexicon}


  1. Awesome!!! Cant wait! Film already!!! Finish it already, i wanna see it!!!!!

  2. This is so awesome. I can't wait for Breaking Dawn. But where are Kachiri, Huelin, and Nahuel??? Who will be playing them? These three are very very important in the book.

  3. Awesome i cant wait 4 filming 2 start (btw i didnt c who plays the amazon coven)

  4. I am seriously jumping up and down. It is soooooo exciting! But what about Nahuel?? Is he gonna make an appearance? how can he not? but either way Yay Yay Yay!!!!!

  5. I think they cud cast me as 1 of the Amazons cuz am 6 feet 1 in and i live in the tropics so am naturally tanned