Sunday, October 3, 2010

If IMDB Says Its So...It Must Be. Right? Mackenzie Foy Listed

Of course it hasn't come straight from the horse's mouth once again, but IMDB has listed Mackenzie Foy as Renesmee! Is IMDB ever wrong? Ha ha of course they have been in the past but let's hope this time they are on their game.

I have heard mixed reviews about the gorgeous 9 year old playing the unusual human/vampire offspring. I think its going to be a tough role to cast regardless and furthermore I do not think they will be able to find ANYONE that will appease everyone in the fandom. Whether they go with someone older or someone younger, the Breaking Dawn crew has their work cut out for them. We also have to remember how many people HATED the idea of Robert Pattinson playing our beloved Edward...but I think most have changed their tune quite a bit and couldn't imagine anyone else playing the sexy, brooding vampire.

We do have to keep in mind as fans what a challenge Renesmee will be. I could only imagine the amount of pressure Bill Condon must be under to make this film perfect. So we should just give the guy a break and hope he does the best job possible. Honestly, if Breaking Dawn sucked...I'm pretty sure I will still be in line to see it at least 4 or 5 times :)

While I was cruising IMDB I noticed Mackenzie has a birthday coming up on November 10th. WOW what a birthday present that would be, to be cast with the biggest movie ever! It would be an excellent jump-start to her career. We will keep you updated on new information that comes out, so keep posted.


  1. She looks so young in the picture shown though is it an old one. They have the guy who worked on The Curious Case of Benjamin Button to make her look younger. And they can make her smaller by doing the same thing they did to John Rhys-Davies, who is 6 foot 1, who played the dwarf Gimli in Lord of the Rings.

  2. Yeah I think they will do the best possible job and for me she is one of the best picks I have seen yet. I am so excited to see what they do with her

  3. From what i've seen on who people think should play Renesmee i think that this pick isn't a bad one at all. Honestly the only thing that i was expecting was for her to be a little bit younger, but still an excellent pick as far as how hard it is to cast this charcater. And also i am so excited that they are not cgi her for the most part.