Sunday, October 17, 2010

Jackson Thinks All the Cullens Should Get It On!

Twilightish and Twifans snagged an awesome interview with Jackson Rathbone at the 2010 Scream Awards. He talks about Breaking Dawn and what a great job Melissa Rosenburg did with the script. He also confirmed that there would be scenes showing how Renesmee is made! Well we all know what that means!

He was asked if Jasper and Alice would have any love scenes and he said he wished and that they should show ALL the Cullens "getting it on" Ha ha! He also talks about how he is excited to be going back to his roots for filming and introducing the cast to swamps and the true southern way of life.

He is such a cuite! I am loving the hair and the hat on him! Although I do admit I love Jackson with the blonde Jasper hair! If it were not for Edward...I would most definitely be Team Jasper

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  1. UH If Ashley isn't willing I would gladly be a stunt double! ;)LOL