Sunday, October 17, 2010

Kristen And Eclipse Take Home Scream Awards!

Such a busy girl! Kristen, Nikki, and Jackson take time out from their insane schedules to attend the 2010 Scream Awards. As if we would have it any other way, our girl takes home the Best Fantasy Actress Award and Eclipse, in true Twilight fashion, eclipses the competition and wins Best Fantasy! Who needs Oscars when you are the most loved series around?

I think Kristen is finally getting the hang of this award thing. She is a picture of beauty and she looks so happy (Thanks Rob ;] ) Its so nice to see her with her Bella hair back! Nikki looks gorgeous and Jackson of course is a handsome devil himself. I bet he the chillest guy to hang with. Nikki, Jackson and Kristen will soon be off to Louisiana to start on Breaking Dawn! Now those are the pics we will be so excited to see!!!!


  1. The picture of happiness and beauty! Kristen looks amazing:) Cant wait to watch it! And omg I got butterflies when I saw her hair.(no more hideous wig yay)

  2. I love seeing Kristen with other members of the cast besides rob and taylor...I just LOVE it... :)