Friday, October 8, 2010

Lights, Camera, Action! Sets Are Being Built In Louisiana

We promised it would happen...and it has! My cup runneth over with news and this for me is exciting. Exciting enough to have me fangirling all over the place! has reported that production is in Louisiana as we speak building sets at Raleigh Studios. They are working on Edward's house. It has been reported that the interior shots will be filmed in the studio with all of the exterior work in Vancouver.

"We have confirmed through two sources that the production is currently building sets in the Raleigh Studios at the Celtic Media Centre in Baton Rouge, including Edward’s house. We’ve been told the interior scenes will be shot in Louisiana, while the exteriors will presumably be shot in Vancouver.

Our sources also tell us that Breaking Dawn is not the only movie shooting at Raleigh Studios (we were told the studio is very impressive), as Universal is using the studio for Battleship, and Sony apparently just did some reshoots on Battle: Los Angeles there."

Phew that's a relief. I was kind of curious why they were going all the way to Louisiana to film in a studio when they could do it in Los Angeles. According to this article, this studio has quite the set up and we need an epic studio for an EPIC movie! I cannot WAIT to see Edward and Bella's cottage.

How excited are you guys for set pictures and cast outings? Hopefully Bill Condon will be as gracious as David Slade and keep us updated to the max and maybe even give us a behind the scenes look to keep us foaming at the mouth. Is it just me or is November 2011 a LONG LONG LONG way away?


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