Monday, October 25, 2010

Melissa Rosenberg talks Breaking Dawn

In a recent interview with NBC PopcornBiz, Twilight series screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg talks Breaking Dawn. Note: The following contains SPOILERS if you have not read Breaking Dawn. In the interview, Melissa talks about the most exciting part of writing this particular book is that she was given more leeway to expand on stories of some of the new vampires that are introduced in these films. Writing for 2 films at the same time is sure to be a challenge. Melissa mentions that the final 2 films are very "adult" in comparison to the other films, which were more teenager based. There is sure to be plenty of sexy scenes and language. I would have personally loved to see this book transforme into a rated R film. She goes on to say that the highlight of the story will be the transformation Bella goes through in becoming a vampire. I am sure that this transformation will be her crowning achievement after 4 years of writing for Twilight. Melissa has done an excellent job so far in writing the screenplay for the previous 3 films and have every confidence that she will deliver an outstanding ending to a phenominal series.

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  1. I can not wait to see how Breaking Dawn turns out.