Saturday, October 23, 2010

New Kellan Lutz Interview

New Kellan Lutz Interview

This is a new interview with "Twilight" star Kellan Lutz, who plays Emmett Cullen, from How would you define your character of Emmett?
Kellan Lutz: The older brother is there to protect your family, and together with his superhuman strength, appreciate what is known invincible and face things with a smile, because when you’re not afraid of anything, you can enjoy it more.

EM: What can you say about your character in these parts of the saga, Breaking Dawn?
KL: Emmett’s character will become more relevant, as it happens in the book, and opened a little door that will allow us to see how Emmett is.
EM: How do you manage as an actor to play the same character with four different directors?
KL: You know, to me that I love. As actors we are expanding these characters we play and it is a continuous creation, so when it comes to a head again, he’ll adding and adding elements, until we know the character perfectly.

EM: And regarding the last director of the saga with which you start rolling, Bill Condon, Do you know anything about him?KL: I love his work, I’ve seen all his movies and I really look forward to meeting him and the great team working with him, I’m really looking forward to working with him.

EM: You started as a television actor, and then you went to the movies. What are the differences between these two?
KL: Yes, the truth is that the differences are huge, television is much faster, the movies are timeless, a film can take you a year, and sometimes even not be released. I’ve shot films in fact have not even been released yet. Personally, I love the film medium, it gives you the opportunity to try many characters, continually transform, but TV is fun, I love working with HBO, which has broken new ground on TV.

EM: After filming “Breaking Dawn” and end the Twilight Saga, “miss the saga or feel some relief?
KL: Oh, I miss completely, because it was a very influential time in my life has been such a blessing that I think I still take years to realize that I have been part of this. I love it, it has opened so many doors that allow me to continue to choose other great projects …

EM: Let’s change the subject. What can you tell us about your charity project “St Bernard Project”?KL: Yes, a project that attempts to rebuild homes damaged by Hurricane Katrina in Louisiana, and is an incredible organization we build and improve the lives of that community, and you can work to help the many families there is still need, and help with over a hundred houses to be rebuilt with families who need help and assistance. You can donate your money, your time, make yourself heard, all there is welcome.

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