Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Since When Do Pups Like Football? :)

The Breaking Dawn news drought continues with just the slightest trickle of rain...enough to tease us and leave us wanting more. Our favorite canine, Taylor Lautner, enjoyed the New Orleans Saints football game on Sunday October 24th!

Taylor was snapped standing by the sidelines hanging with the team. He not only got the best seats in the house but he got to lis-
ten in on the plays being called! I am so surprised his doggy instincts didn't kick in and he didn't try to "fetch" the ball! Ahhhhh I am just kidding Jake fans...you have to know its all in good fun and I'm SEVERELY Team Edward but I have much love for Jacob :)!

Maybe my favs Rob & Kristen should take some notes from Taylor and get out and let us see them having a blast! On second thought, just stay in hiding...I have a very active imagination!

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