Friday, October 22, 2010

Supernatural meets Twilight

Twi-Hearts, I've got very exciting news! Looks like the "Vampire Fandom" is expanding to include more hot guys for us happy girls.

One of my favorite shows on television, "Supernatural"looks to take a walk on the vampire side on tonight's episode! Sam and Dean Winchester will encounter a band of Vampires modelling themselves after our beloved Edward and his Cullen family! But it looks like the "fun"will fade quickly when Dean is attacked and transformed into a vampire himself! Can Sam free his brother from the vampire curse?

Check out a new preview clip from 'Live Free or Twi-Hard' Supernatural episode which airs tonight on the CW at 9pm/8pmc here.

(Via Digital Spy)


  1. you know there making fun of twilight right?

  2. Another parody! Lmao! Good one too. Thanx for the heads up Bella.