Thursday, October 14, 2010

Wrigley Gum and "Eclipse"

Wrigley Gum and "Eclipse"

Wrigley Gum is teaming up with The Twilight Saga:Eclipse. When you buy the special marked Eclipse gum, you can unlock NEVER before seen footage of the movie! Every code has different footage, all you have to do is hold it up in front of your webcam. There are a total of five videos and 30 pictures. Click here to learn more!


  1. Uh I gotta go nuy some gum :) I wonder if sales will be thru the roof!

  2. Is this version of Wrigley only being sold in the US?
    Or there is somewhere else, too? Like UK, EU, Asia...?
    I'm staying in Thailand now, they also sell here - well, under license, but in Thai/Eng label, though...Wondering, wondering~

  3. I looked it up and could not find that information..I'm thinking it's only in America..but I would keep an eye out for it just in case.

  4. here are the codes
    E2CKR7PX Cullens
    V3HRJ7BT Villians
    B9TXJ3PF Bella
    T3EBM9AP Love Triangle
    J3WLX7NE Wolf Pack