Thursday, November 4, 2010

"Breaking Dawn" Cast Sightings

Breaking Dawn Cast Sightings

Louisiana State University wrote an article about the chaos that the Breaking Dawn stars have been causing, but it's a good chaos!

"Rumors are circulating and social media networks are buzzing as many Baton Rouge residents stalk “Twilight” movie stars who are in Baton Rouge filming “Breaking Dawn.”

Avid fans have spotted the cast at several hotspots including Tsunami, Perkins Rowe and Tigerland.

And they’ve been permeating the city at downtown bar Boudreaux and Thibodeaux’s, where 100 Monkeys — a band including “Breaking Dawn” cast member Jackson Rathbone — has been performing every Tuesday, said Eric LeBlanc, manager at Boudreaux and Thibodeaux’s.

“The crowds have been huge on Tuesdays,” LeBlanc said.
Rathbone and 100 Monkeys were at the Baton Rouge State Fair this past weekend to film a music video, according to J.H. Martin, the State Fair’s CEO and chairman.

“Because Jackson is in the movie, they have been hanging around Baton Rouge,” Martin said. “We did see an increase in people crowding around the stage when they started playing.”

Martin said the band was a pleasure to meet.

“The ladies might think [Jackson's] the cutest because of his Southern charm,” Martin said. “They were super nice young men.”
While the production team for 100 Monkeys was filming the music video, some of the patrons started to notice, Martin said.

“We did a shot in the back by the bumper cars, and we had to get two security guards to make sure nothing got out of hand,” Martin said. “If somebody spots one, they tell the world about it on Twitter and Facebook.”
Kasey Emas, creative writing senior, said she has met several “Twilight” cast members. Emas said she met Kellan Lutz a couple times around Baton Rouge.

“He is really cool,” Emas said. “The first time I met him I was a stand-in for a movie he was working on with Samuel L. Jackson. I didn’t recognize him as a ‘Twilight’ actor until another stand-in told me after we talked for a good 30 minutes.”

Emas said Lutz and many of the producers were nice the last time she ran into them at The Office, a bar on Third Street.

“We were at The Office, and they were just drinking and having a good time,” Emas said. “When we were hanging around their table, [Lutz] was dancing with my friends and buying everyone shots.”

Emas said she has also met Robert Pattinson, who is less of an extrovert than Lutz.
“Both times I ran into Rob, he looked kind of messy and pretty pale,” Emas said.

“The last time, he left The Office right as it was filling up. He just seems like a really quiet person who keeps to himself.”

Ashley Greene and Joe Jonas frequent Fred’s Bar in Tigerland and are usually accompanied by other “Twilight” cast members, Emas said.

“I feel bad because I know my friends pull out their iPhones and snap pictures of the actors when they are out,” Emas said.
Katie Harvey, project coordinator for the Baton Rouge Film Commission, believes filming will help raise Baton Rouge’s profile.

“All of the films that are in the area bring a great deal of direct [spending] into Baton Rouge and its businesses,” Harvey said in an e-mail. “[We] offer a discount to the films while they are shooting. It’s a wonderful gesture on behalf of the local businesses and a great grassroots way to display the hospitality of Baton Rouge to our guests.”

Since “Breaking Dawn” production began, Harvey said her office has been inundated with inquiries about extras casting, but BRFC doesn’t handle extras placement.

“We get calls and e-mails daily from Baton Rouge to even as far away as Brazil,” Harvey said."
Too bad I don't live in Baton Rouge!

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