Friday, November 12, 2010

'Eclipse' Parody: Lady Gaga meet Edward Cullen!

Happy Friday to my Tweethearts!

Looks like the Hindi sisters, Hannah and Hilly, have done it again. Their latest Twilight Parody, 'The Hillywood Show: Eclipse' has hit youtube and the sensation it is stirring is amazing.

So, Lady Gaga meets Edward Cullen, eh? Why hadn't someone thought of this pairing sooner. Watch out, Bella! We owe a debt of gratitude to the Hindi sisters.

The 10-minute spoof opens on Bella and Edward deep in conversation atop Edward's to die for canopy bed. Jingles of promises to be made and kept are in the air....Until Bella bursts into full Gaga mode (black leather and mohawk headpiece included), belting out "Bad Romance." Funny thing is, the forbidden love between our Edward and his Bella has been dubbed a "Bad Romance," not only because a healthy, loving relationship between a human and a vampire is frowned upon. The line "I don't want to be friends," seems to be the be emphasized--especially by the parody's version of Jacob Black.

Jordin Spark's "Battlefield," also makes a fitting tune for our Bella to belt out. Edward and Bella's forbidden love does pave way for the movie's epic battle at the end. Good call, Hindi sisters!

A favorite amongst fans was the recreation of the breathtaking Harper's Bazaar photoshoot. (The frocks were almost identical!). Other choice moments include a shirtless shapeshifter dance party and a giggle-worthy re-imagining of the tent scene that includes grenades and automatic weapons. Love is a battlefield, yes, Jordin.

Looks to be at least a year before the next "Breaking Dawn" inspired Hillywood Show parody debuts. Do not despair, Tweet-hearts! The Hindi sisters gave us a hint of what to expect in the follow-up: feathers. Lots and lots of feathers. Aren't they genius? Brava, Hindi sisters!

Watch The Hillywood Show's "Eclipse" parody at the Hindi sister's youtube channel.

What do you think of The Hillywood Show's "Eclipse" parody?

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