Thursday, November 11, 2010

ET Interview With Ashley Greene

 Picture courtesy of ET, click here to see article and video.

Ashley Greene has been a very busy girl. From the upcoming Twilight movies, to touring with the Jonas Brothers and being an ambassador for "Mark." "Entertainment Tonight" caught up with the star to talk about all of her projects:

On Twilight:

 "It's going to be incredible. At this point we're so comfortable with each other, it's kind of like high school," Ashley says of working with her vampire and werewolf co-stars. "We go to summer camp and we get to come back and be with all our friends, so I'm excited."

On touring with the Jonas Brothers:

"I live for going to different cities all the time. That's part of my job that I love is being able to travel and see the world, so I'm enjoying my life right now."

On being an ambassador for the beauty and fashion boutique brand, "Mark":

"They have a very empowering message to young women that they can succeed and they can make their mark in the world. I was really drawn to their empowerment by the mark program, which is dedicated to stopping the cycle of dating abuse and violence."

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