Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Letter To Summit...

As we all know there is a semi-drought in news within in the Twilight world and while we are waiting I figured I would sit down and write a letter to Summit. After all they do hold the final stage of the series in their hands. This is just for fun folks...maybe something to make you smile and to keep us entertained until we get more info from filming.
Dear Summit,

Today I was wondering what I would be blogging about had you not made the first Twilight film, so first off I wanted to say thank you for making my favorite series into a reality. So now that I have the pleasant part out of the way....here are a list of my wishes/demands which ever you feel more comfortable with...

On the top of my list I must say will have to be the PG-13 rating. I understand your need to crush my hopes of seeing a good honeymoon scene with Rob & Kris to appease the tweens (actually their parents) this series was intended for, but please for all that is holy...push it to the max. My imagination is super active but I would love some visual :) Trust me...half of those tweens are knowledgeable in the subject matter than MOST adults.

Speaking of feathers...that brings me to Renesmee. I will admit when I first read the book I was a slight bit bothered by her presence but then understood and accepted it by the end of the book. I trust that you will handle her in the most meticulous way and make sure she is beautiful and sweet and not giving me nightmares after I watch the movie. I have the utmost confidence in your staff to make sure she doesn't look like a bobble head with an adult face and a baby body.

So this brings me to Jacob. Let's try to keep in mind that even though Taylor has abs of steel and beefy biceps, the movie most definitely should not revolve around how many times wolf boy can take his shirt off. Maybe some of the girlies wouldn't mind but I sort of felt like a child molester for enjoying it. Might I make one suggestion...if we could some how CGI Edward's
face to Jacob's body I would feel a lot better about the situation. :) While I'm on the subject of Edward, may I please ask that you tame the side burns (it looks like they have been so far) and show more of his hands. Why do you ask? Mainly because everyone enjoys a little Rob hand porn. That man has hands of a God and you should do your best to show them.

Aside from the movie...there are some issues with promoting the movie. I am going to need tons of hot photo shoots and tons of interviews. Boy have we missed the Twilight days where the interviews were fabulous! This is our last chance to see them promoting a movie together...make it big.

My final plea is that when you make Bella a vampire...somehow figure out a way to make Kristen hotter than she already is. Good luck with that one.


EdwardsBella418 :)

*So guys what did I miss? Comment and add your P.S. below :)


  1. PS. In regard to the honeymoon, all I'm really asking for is a little of Kristen's side boob.

  2. Ha ha hey anonymous lol I sooooooooo know who you are :)

  3. P.S. Edwardsbella418 didn't really mean it when she said not to have Jake takin his shirt off all the time, She had a breif lapse in judgement (JK) lol :):):) Oh and the side bood really great idea I'll second that motion!