Tuesday, November 2, 2010

November and Twilight series

It's already November, can you believe it? That means one month closer to the filming of Breaking Dawn and the DVD/Blue Ray release of Eclipse! The date of release is set for December 4th. If you are like me, you have already preordered your copy. Places like walmart and Amazon.com are taking preorders but I am sure many more stores are taking orders as well. Just the name November makes me happy because in just one short year, the first installment of Breaking Dawn will be released in theaters. Then the November after that (though it may seem like a long time)which is 2012, the conclusion of this wonderful series will be released in theaters. Novembers bring good things. As for now, just look forward to one more month of waiting for Eclipse on DVD.


  1. OMG!I know i am so excited and yes I do have my copy already reserved at Amazon.com......I can not wait to BD....

  2. when exactly does BD filming start????????????? >.<

  3. Supposed to start this week or next. I have heard they are filming in Brazil next week for sure.