Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Preview of 'Eclipse' DVD Commentary w/Rob & Kristen

Thank the heavens that the commentary is hilarious this time! I will admit, I have listened to way too much of it. I wish I would have waited but you know how it kept popping up in my Twitter feed so I had to hear it.

These two are hilarious together. They are discussing the tent scene in this preview and Rob is so obviously jealous but it is too cute! Oh and he shows off his awesome manners by slurping his "Arnold Palmer." I love him none the less. I can't wait to watch the whole movie with them talking in the background...and I am pretty sure there are tons of inside jokes I am sure we miss but we still love it. I betcha they were sitting there texting each other during the whole thing ha ha! Enjoy lovelies! And don't forget to join us for our weekly re-read Saturday!

{via MTV}


  1. Love this scene a lot!
    Couldn't stop smiling and giggling in the theatre... still now remember the moment.
    Well, I just like wolves, that's it!

    And the "second male" should have some revenges like this.
    Grinning when Bella got on his back of his motorbike... yeah~
    Like that moment, like that grin!

  2. :) I'm actually kinda happy to have a wolf girl join some of our comments. I like a little healthy debate b/c you know if you read any of my posts...Im hard-core Team Edward. I do give Jacob credit where credit is due though :) This is one of my favorite scenes too...and actually one of my favorite parts of the book. I could imagine these three filming I bet it was hilarious

  3. Oh indepencer I am so glad you have spoken for the wolf girls good for you! I love how cute rob and kris are! Pls come back for the re read I need some back :)