Monday, November 8, 2010

Reader's Question: What About Sasha?

I'm having a debate with an individual on one of the Twilight Saga fan sites regarding whether or not Sasha was ever mentioned by name in Breaking Dawn. The other individual claims she was not. She said that they are making up the name of "Sasha" just for the movie. I seem to recall hearing her name as that of the mother of Irina and the other Denali girls. Was her name used? If so do you know what page it was mentioned on? -Diane

you Diane for writing in. I did a little research, ok well let me be honest...I looked pretty hard to find any tracing of Sasha in the actual book. I found no trace of the name...and actually I did find this.

"I don't know Tanya's mother's name," Carlisle had admitted, his golden eyes, almost the exact shade of his fair hair, sad with remembering Tanya's pain. "They never speak of her if they can avoid it, never think of her willingly.

"The woman who created Tanya, Kate, and Irina - who loved them , I believe - lived many years before I was born, during a time of plague in our world, the plague of the immortal children." - Breaking Dawn page 33

I hope this helps. If you find out that I am wrong and I have overlooked something please let me know :) Hope you didn't bet on anything ;) Be sure to join our re-read with us on Saturdays and of course always check in for up to date info!

I just saw in the back of the book that Sasha was in the vampire index but I did not see her name mentioned in the actual book. If someone finds it post a comment please


  1. In the back of Breaking Dawn in the index it says
    Danali Coven

  2. Awesome! I found that just as you posted...I should have looked there first but her name was in the index but no where in the actual book correct? If you find it let me know

  3. Ya as far as I know it doesn't say it anywhere but in the index.

  4. I am more concerned about listing Carmen as a sister to the Denalis. The flashback scene with Sasha will be fine. Keep in mind, Melissa Rosenburg has had access to The Twilight Saga: Official Guide for at least two years. By the time Breaking Dawn hits theaters, we will also have our hands on a copy! =)

  5. My friend and I decided Melissa used the official guide to write the flashback scene. There are WAY too many new vamps to keep up with...Im going to need a guide to watch this movie

  6. the danali clan's mother's name was never mentioned in the book. the part they are referring to with them is when calisle was telling bella about the vampire children.

  7. I'm assuming Vasilli that is mentioned in the back was the immortal child she had created.

  8. No Sasha name in the book, I finished reading it yesterday. (I probably have been reading it about 20 times). The name is at the end of the book, but it isn't indicated like the Denali's sisters mom.
    I thought of it as a boy's name actually. But it is both male and female...

  9. Yes there is definately no mention of Sasha being her actual name. The Guide at the back shows you two unknow Denali Coven Vampires

    Sasha & Vasilii

    Me and my twi-friend have had a debate about which one is actually the mother (neither of us knew the sex of the name 'Vasili' but altogether assumed it was male) because Sasha is a unisex name... but now as someone above pointed out - Sasha comes first on the list which means she was first 'born'... it was silly of us to overlook this :L

    I immediately assumed the extra name (Vasilii) was the immortal child she created since a)it is crossed out and b)we were never told of anyother mate or nomad belonging to the coven...

    Oh and heres another question - i can't remember - were we ever actually told that the immortal child was a boy of is that just my overactive imagination?


  10. mmmmm I am not sure...I would have to pull the book out and check. I am thinking yes but I will look to make sure. :)

  11. Check out this website for details on Sasha:

    Hope this is useful!!

  12. Just continue from the first page the scroll down to find sasha from twilight saga!!