Friday, November 5, 2010

Taking It Back to the Pages, Breaking Dawn Re-Read Chapter 1-2

Bella: Chapter 1 Engaged

My Car. Sigh.

Edward has finally gotten the green light to be the over protective and overly giving boyfriend he has always wanted to be to his Bella and she hates the attention it brings to her. In this first chapter Bella talks about how embarrassing it is to be an 18 year old who is about to get married and who is driving around in what is the probably the most expensive car in Forks. She also discovers that the car Edward had called her "before" car was a car built of indestructible armor, used for government officials, which made her even more self-conscious.

At this stage, Bella is still trying to come to terms with the idea of being someone's wife. She loves Edward and knows she will only be with him but never imagined she would have to get married to do it. She reflects on the night she told Charlie about her and Edward's proposal and how his "already knew it was coming" reaction surprised her. He had expected her mom to play the heavy and to Bella's surprise she wasn't shocked either. There was no backing out...she was becoming Mrs. Cullen, one way or the other.

In Eclipse Bella had to put an end to the love triangle she had created for herself and in turn she hurt her very best friend, Jacob. He has left his life in Forks and will not respond to anyone. He is broken and she knows she is the one who did it.

Also in Chapter 1 we get a sneak peek of wedding preparations. Bella comes home to Charlie being fitted for his tux by her over zealous soon to be sister-in-law, Alice. Then it's Bella's turn. Bella is no more concerned with the wedding than some stranger off the street. All she can think about is the "honeymoon."

Chapter 2 Long Night

Bachelor parties are designed for those who are sad to see the passing of their single days. I couldn’t be more eager to have mine behind me. So there’s really no point. - Edward Cullen

This is Bella and Edward's last night together before they become husband and wife. Like most nights in Bella's room she tried to push Edward to do more than he believes is safe and like most nights Edward pushes her away. She just wanted to "practice."

Edward expresses his fears of changing Bella to a vampire and stealing her life from her. Freezing her forever at 18. He tells her how there are things in life she may want to do that she will never be able to do as a vampire. For instance, have children. In the end, Bella puts her foot down and assures Edward she knows what she is doing and this is the life she has chosen for herself.

Edward's "brothers" come to take him to his bachelor outing, leaving Bella to her own thoughts and as a result, a nervous wreck. She worries about the wedding, about tripping down the aisle, and about everyone looking at her while she does it. She also gives a little thought to the discussions he had with Edward about children. This foreshadows the presence of Renesmee and how there are half vampire and human children and how taboo they were as well. They had to be destroyed.

Bella dreams about the half blood child and how the Volturri are trying to destroy it. She imagines herself trying to protect and save the helpless child and then she sees the dead bodies of everyone she loves and then the child looks at her with its crimson eyes.

****First of all, I am definitely a HUGE Bella fan but, WHAT IN THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU?! Sometimes this chick makes me so angry! How in the world could you have a man like Edward who wanted to give you the world and more and deny him that pleasure? How could you not be overcame with joy and excitement to be marrying the most beautiful creature on the planet? Who does that?

Phew, ok now that I have that out of my system, I love how embarrassed Bella gets by the lavish lifestyle of our favorite vamps. When I read about the guys wanting to take a picture with her car, I had to laugh out loud. Stephanie Meyer does an excellent job painting Bella's face red with embarrassment.

The Jacob drawer. I have to admit something and this stays between us, but I am glad Bella leaves this drawer open. Jacob is her best friend and what kind of person would she be if she just kicked him while he was down. She is worried and concerned and she should be, but with that being sad, Jacob needs to quit being a pouting baby and man up and either be her friend or not. Period. Ha ha sorry Team Jacob wouldn't be my style not to stick him a little :)

The Bella and Edward tease in the beginning of Chapter 2 is perfection! Bella is such a guy! HA HA She is always trying to push Edward into giving it up and as usual he rejects it. Hey, can't blame a girl for trying. I am very excited to see Rob and Kristen act this scene out.

As for the baby dreams, I would have never imagined that Stephanie was setting the ground work for Renesmee. At this stage, I could not picture Bella being a mother. She was still a girl. An 18 year old teenager.

Not too much excitement happening in these two chapters but we get clear idea of what is to come. So what do you guys think? Do you think Bella takes her relationship with Edward for granted? How do you feel about the way she acts about this marriage? Is she ungrateful? Do you want to smack Bella at times like I do? What about Jacob? Do you think she is right for keeping him stored in her head when she is about to marry the love of her existence?

Let's get the discussion going! Show me your Team colors!


  1. I agree with wanting to smack er sometimes... but i can understand where she is comming from too... but if I were her and Edward wanted to give me the world at my feet.. i still wouldn't take it.. but i would take some stuff like she DOSEN'T want to do at all no matter how smalll... well except one thing! ;)

  2. Ha ha! Awesome! I will be honest...I think my frustration with her comes from the part of me that has been mistreated by men in the past. I relate this whole series to my own personal life and when you have something great like appreciate and enjoy every second of it...even if you think its a tad extreme, you know its coming from somewhere special.

  3. well yeah she should be more grateful with the marriage because shes gonna marry the love of her life who wanted to give her the world and of cause she takes the relationship with edward for granted. as for Jacob..theres plenty of fish in the sea ;)

  4. Exactly! I get being in love with someone but either accept they dont want you and just be their friend or just leave them alone period. If the roles were reversed...Edward would be able to let Bella be happy without making her feel sorry for him... :) Exactly why Im team Edward!

  5. Bella upsets me alot. Here is the beloved man of her dreams giving himself to her. She would give up her family and friends for him. She'd die for him. She would die without him! But she wont marry him? I understand that her parents marriage didn't work out but, for her to react so strongly to the idea of marrying Edward?! Well, it kind of doesn't make any sense. It's almost insulting. Refresh my memory... does she marry him because she loves him OR is it because she wants to finally get some? She is very, very selfish! We all love the idea of Bella and Edward so in love and being the perfect couple but really how much can she truly love him when she wont let go of Jacob? It's insane. Especially after Jacob told Edward that Charlie was "arranging a funeral" basically letting him go off to his death and then not wanting Bella to go after him to save him. She should have said goodbye to him after that! She does take Edward for granted! She knows he's "addicted" to her. So if she wants to run down to spend some time with Jake... yeah Edward should just understand!?
    YES! I would love to smack her upside the head!

  6. I think the only reason why I am as understanding as I am when it comes to Bella is because I have to keep in mind...this is an 18 year old child. This is her first love. Her first heart break,,,her first everything. She is brand new at being in love. I guess I can cut her some slack for that but c'mon who the hell wouldnt want to marry Edward?

  7. Yea, I would want to samck Bella at times. I think she is greatful of Edward, she doesn't really show it too musch. She doesn't take it for granted. I do think she is being stupid about the marriage and should be at least a little excited. It's not like it's going to ruin her life. I think Bella is smart for still keeping Jacob around. It doesn't do much trouble and she shouldn't completely leave him for Edward. She did the right thing!

  8. Well I think maybe if she had a little more fineness with the situation it would be more acceptable to the audience, but that comes back to her maturity level. She is thinking like an 18 year old not a married woman. Once she learns that balance...I am totally happy she keeps Jake around

  9. Oh Jakey where are u?? So sad he's gone!
    I had to laugh once again at the beginning with the car I dont care how many times I read breaking dawn, I always laugh at how rediculous she feels in that car! and how much I miss the chevy! And she's really only unsure of marriage because she still loves Jake (JK)(no death threats y'all just tryin to stir the pot)! But how many of us roll our eyes when a guy is too into you. Im not sayin i wouldnt welcome an Edward(Rob):) into my life! But sometimes I feel like he's over the top perfect!
    Can't wait for the wedding!

  10. I think Bella's love for Jacob is more platonic and at some point I think she feels sorry for him mostly. At this stage in the series I think its more along the lines for feeling bad for him b/c she hurt him and he is taking FULL advantage of for Edward...the way she denies him and his idea of marriage and his desire to make her life perfect...I think again its a maturity thing. She loves him but she is overwhelmed and doesnt think she deserves someone like him so in turn she denies him the things he wants to do for her. Basically Bella has some growing up to do...but we all know that comes later

  11. I fell like she leads Jake on Just breaking his heart and knowing full well that this is what she's doing. I do also agree with you she wants him in her life but not in the way he wants her to be. I also think that her crazy perception of marriage is due to not wanting to fail at something thats so important to her and if you dont commit to it then you cant fail. Yes your right bella does need to grow up. and she will in time(end of book)> to lead Jake on the way she does is quite hideous though dontcha agree ust a little edwardsbella. She didnt give into jake in eclipse because he pressured her it was because she couldnt bear to lose him and all that he stood for in her life. Edward plays the game well too! Dont get me wrong edward's bella I love my eddie:)

  12. i think jake should man up .bella loves edward more then she loves jake. but i still looooooooveeeee jake

  13. I will agree to this...from New Moon and on, Bella is partly a villain. I hated the way she led Jake on and she did, although not intentionally but it was still selfish of her. She wanted her cake and to be able to eat it too. Bella is a naughty little minx...WOW things are getting bad when I start quoting Simon Cowell. Seriously though if I wasn't so invested in K-stew portraying Bella...I'd probably be like, kick that girl in the head HA HA

  14. I know like move over and share the wealth! lol

  15. Bella is so slappable (as if that is even a word), I swear she just you know makes me want to shake her.

    First she leads on Jacob, to know more about Edward, then when Edward is out of the picture, she goes back to Jacob, then when Edward is back, she still is thinking about him.

    For any one who thinks she is a caring friend, it is wrong because she is not being a friend to Jacob and not very faithful to Edward. Bella manages to fall in love with both Edward and Jacob. She looks at herself as two people, Bella the human being and Bella the vampire.

    Edward is her soul mate and Jacob is the kind of friend she wants to keep close by as a back up plan.

    Her behaviour is unfair to both Edward and Jacob as both of them love her passionately.

    It is ironic how she still loves Jacob when she is pregnant with Edward's child, in a way I think Stephanie, tried to put the whole "there should be 2 Bellas" chapter to an end because now there is a human Bella "Renesme" for Jacob and a Vampire Bella "Isabella Edward Cullen" for Edward.

    Between you and I, I am pretty sure Stephanie must laugh her head off seeing how much logic we put in a story that she simply penned down without thinking so deeply.