Saturday, November 20, 2010

Taking It Back to the Pages: Breaking Dawn Re-Read Chapter 5-6

Bella: Chapter 5 Isle Esme

"Don't be afraid," I murmured. "We belong together." I was abruptly overwhelmed by the truth of my own words. This moment was so perfect, so right, there was no way to doubt it. His arms wrapped around me, holding me against him, summer and winter. It felt like every nerve ending in my body was a live wire. "Forever," he agreed, and the pulled us gently into deeper water.

Edward and Bella embark on their mystery honeymoon trip, well only a mystery to Bella. At this point she has no clue as to where they are going. She didn't even get to pack her own bags. They arrive in Rio where Edward proceeds to take them out into the unknown in a boat that of course was built for speed.

They plow off into the night and finally arrive to small tiny island. Isle Esme. At this moment Bella learns that Edward's desire to give her extravagant gifts was a learned behavior from his "father" Carlisle. They reach the dock and Edward whisks Bella up into his arms and carries her over the thresh hold. That's when the nerves set in.

Bella realizes that its time for Edward to hold up his end of the bargain. If she marries him he has to sleep with her. She panics and takes forever in the bathroom trying to talk some courage into herself. She showers, she shaves, she sits on the floor and panics. Finally she realizes..."hey this is Edward, I can do this." She meets him in the water and then....she wakes up covered in feathers!

Not only is Bella covered in feathers but she is also covered in bruises. Edward is disgusted with himself for harming her, but Bella on the other hand is overjoyed with satisfaction. He tells her he will not be touching her again until she has changed. Translation to Bella: Honeymoon is over.

Chapter 6 Distractions

I couldn't tell if he was moved by the tears trembling in my voice, or if he was unprepared to deal with the suddenness of my attack, or if his need was simply unbearable in that moment as my own. But whatever the reason, he pulled my lips back to his, surrendering with a groan. And we began where by dream had left off.

Bella got her wish. Edward slept with her but now he is afraid to touch her again so he does his best to keep her busy. They walked through the jungle, found parrots, swam with dolphins. All so Edward could keep Bella's mind off of being with him physically.

She tried everything to sway him into the mood but nothing ever worked and with all of the activities during the day and the food at night she was too exhausted to pursue him much anyway. Finally, she decides she will try compromising with Edward. worked before.

She dresses in one of the not-so-Bella pieces of lingerie that Alice has packed for her and decides to try once more to seduce her husband. She offers to go to school and do all of the things he wants from her...even stay human. He rejects her once more and suggests she goes to sleep.

She falls asleep and wakes up in tears and turns out those were tears from waking up from the best part of her dream. She was dreaming of making love to Edward. Bella works her charm and finally seduces her husband into sleeping with her once again. This time Edward destroys the headboard but doesn't destroy Bella in process. All is right in the world.

Bella actually decides she wants to stay human for a bit longer so she can spend time with her family and of course have awesome vampire/human sex with her husband. But in the midst of discussing keeping everyone in her life...the Jacob drawer shakes a bit and she knows he will never be in her life again.

Gustavo and Kaure, the cleaning crew, comes in and Kaure, the lady housekeeper, is terrified as to why Edward would have Bella there all alone. She examines the feathers and blatantly expresses her disgust because she knows Edward is a vampire. But once they leave...Bella and Edward continue their honeymoon as Bella had wished.

Stephenie Meyer...God love you for writing this book! Of course these are my two favorite chapters of the book. All of this sexual tension that has been present since Twilight, is finally working itself out. My only complaint is that she left out the details ha ha...but I understand the target audience she had in mind and the "details" may have not been too appropriate. It's ok I have a very healthy imagination.

Edward and Bella finally consummate their love for each other and its beautiful anytime two people who are so madly in love find a way to express that love. I adore that Bella is some hormone driven teenager but when it came down to it at first she FREAKED out. I could so see Kristen Stewart playing this role and sitting in the bathroom floor rocking back and forth.

Gotta love Edward for being the sweetest man on earth but sometimes you gotta lighten up! I know he freaked when he saw all of the bruises but the chic was ECSTATIC! I am pretty sure she isn't hurt too bad, so be proud of yourself for making a woman that happy! :) After the first night they were together I really didn't expect Bella to turn on the red light and seduce her man the way she did. Totally out of character for her but I love her tenacity.

I can honestly say that when reading this the first time, I did not even begin to realize the foreshadowing Stephenie was giving here. All the food...sleep...nightmares...emotional breakdowns...all perfect ingredients to being pregnant, but hey who knew humans and vampires could have babies. I figured when they did their little swimmers. Guess not! The cleaning crew lady freaked me out a bit but again she was apart of the Renesmee foreshadowing. I figured her presence played some sort of role but until reading through I couldn't figure it out.

I love the fact that Bella has finally realized there are things in life she wants to experience as a human. I love this for Edward because you can almost see the happiness leaping off the pages when he finds out he gets to keep Bella the way she is for a while longer. He has her best interest at heart of course. This would be good for her dad and mom and her friends...even Jacob, even though he has made it clear he wants nothing to do with it.

So here is the dilemma in these chapters....were you happy with how they were so devilishly written (leaving out the good stuff) or did you just scream at your book and wonder why you couldn't have known exactly what went down?! ha ha What about Edward rejecting Bella? Could you feel the rejection wash over her like I did when I read it? Do you think sometimes Edward's overly protective side gets a little annoying? Do you think Bella should stay human? What parts of the honeymoon are you most looking forward to seeing in film?

Happy discussing and always remember to keep Edward away from your pillows and headboards!


  1. I love this two chapters also. And I did scream at my book. I felt every emotion Bella did I kinda caught the whole baby thing but like you said how could a human and a vampire have kids

  2. Ahhhhh I'm glad I wasn't the only one who wanted to scream when I got no details! I'm really hoping there won't be no where near as much left to the imagination in the movie...cannot wait! What do u think about Edward being so over it sweet or a nuisance?

  3. I did scream and I LOVE those chapters. Yes, Edward's over protectiveness can get very annoying..
    I did feel Bella's emotions, both good and bad..
    Can't wait to see those in the movie!

  4. HEY GIRL!!! - Ok here we go First off I could really use alittle edward in my pillows thxgvng is hecktick :)

    I was so frustrated when Edward denied bella. I kept rolling my eyes cuz what man is that strong?? I mean really your new wife comming out in her black nightie and NOTHING?! are you kidding me!? I also was disappointed that she left it to our imagination so to speak!How could she when she knew we were salivating for anything!! :)
    I also was secretly hoping bella would stay human for a little while longer cuz I was hopeing the Jake thing could go on a little longer. I know I know Its cheating but I truly held out hope till she breathed her last breath! I dont know what it was but I fell head over heels for Jake in the book but Rob is my one and only true love :) JK Then I readd midnight sun and I understood edward so much better ehy he acts this way and what is problem always was. I really wish steph would have continued with those books like what really happened when he was in brazil in new moon and what was he thinking when he first saw Bella again.Am i rambling??

    Any way back to the book. I love the way these chapters read. Its so full of love and angst. And in the film?? uh I really want to see ........IT ALL!!! :) xxxxx

  5. I just hope they let movie bella be emotional as book bella...they tend to leave out bella's emotional ways n the movies. I liked bella's temper tantrums n the books personally and if u notice she cries a lot in the series but I can think of twice she cried in the movies...oh well let's hope they get it right

  6. Yay...I was waiting for u to join in! Lol so is it bad that I want to push for an
    Adult rating for breaking like parents wldnt let their kids watch...yea right. I need more books most def. I do not have closure with this series at all. Especially Jake and renesmee...I want to know where they go from there. I need to see Edward and bella in a normal life without drama every second...I know there has to be some drama but I would like to see them have a shred of normalcy. Also id like to see bella doing some ass kicking

  7. Quick question: you said You liked how the cleaning lady was a foreshadow of Renesmee, but how so? I knew she was nervous about Edward being alone with Bella because she knew (sort of) what he is, but what does that have to do with Renesmee? Just curious. I must've missed something in reading it!

  8. I think I saw it as foreshadowing because she stared at Bella so afraid when she realized the two were having sex (i.e. Feathers) so in turn as the reader you have to assume that there could be something bad coming from the two having sex. Which I'm not saying renesmee is bad, but her presence is dangerous to everyone else. The cleaning lady is very superticious and of course she believes that no good could come from
    A vampire and human being together. Its acutally more of a foreshadowing to the stories of how the babies were dangerous and had to be destroyed. It's taboo so to speak in edwards world. Haha well I don't know how well I explained that... It makes sense to me lol but of course I didn't pick up on anything until after I read it at least twice.

  9. I thought the reason she foreshadowd her is because she knew the stories and folklore of their culture that full well beleived in vampires and the evil children that came. She was also afraid for bella because she knew that when the beast :) was through with her he would kill her!
    I absolutley wanted an R rated Breaking Dawn its always been my stance that Breaking Dawn should not be read by little girls. There are so many feelings and situations in that book. And to capture the true essence of that it had to be R. I Still wonder if it has to do with the whole mormons cant see rated R things. I dont think a 13 yo should be reading breaking dawn!
    I agree she just cut us off! DId Jake an Nessie move around with Bella and Edward and when did she grow up how long did it take? What kinds of other problems did they run into staying in FOrks. Hows CHarlie and Sue. I mean really how can she say she knows exactly where her characters are going and not let us in NO FAIR! < jumping up and down having a fit>:)

  10. Exactly. And let's be honest...she can write all the books she wants but she will always be the lady who wrote twilight and she might as well milk it for what it's worth

  11. Oh its so nice when someone undestands it like you do isn't it? You are the sister of my soul edwardsbella!! ............ I know right if its the money she has a problem with then I would be happy to take alittle off her hands! I know she said she has to be alone with it but what does that mean?

  12. She could easily get at least two good books out of it n finish midnight sun. I think she is teasing us. I read her book the host and trust me she is better off writing about sparkly vampires. I think she is afraid that she couldn't top what she has already done. But the thing is... It would have to be a pretty crappy book for fans not to go crazy over it. We just wnt to keep living this world! Is that so much to ask for? I'm so glad we get to chat on here :) I think if I knew u in RL we'd definitely be besties :)

  13. Aww ur too cute! Im on facebook!

    No I agree with you she could write anything about these characters and I think people would buy them. The thing about breaking dawn was it got alittle sci-fi for me so I didnt even read the host. Dont get me wrong I love all the intimate moments and I sobbed through almost all the book the first time. but I kept waiting for something really big to happen and it seemed to just fizzle did you feel that way??

    I often think maybe after the movie franchise is over she'll write again. There are so many authors who keep characters alive for decades!! PLS STEPH PLS IF YOU HEAR ME GIVE US ANOTHER@!!!

  14. Yeah I felt like she kinda bombed the ending...I had absolutely no closure. I did however like how she let edward finally see bella's mind. But seriously there was so much she could write about. Ur right...I was built up and kinda let down...

    I'm on facebook it's ;)

  15. I want the film to be as close to the book as possible but if they improvise and make something better, I will not complain. :)

    The ending of Breaking Dawn, felt like it was forced, you know word limits and what not.

    It did not have the same passion as much of the story did.

  16. Agreed! It was like she ran out of stuff to write about so she built up and built up to just poof die out. It could have been so much better.

  17. My absoulte favorite part is where he sees into her mind. It was a little predictable though! But so moving I thought. I also forgot to comment on the frozen in time I thought that you made a good point how is Rosalie frozen but Edwards Swimmers still work? Ugh the next few chapters are so intense.. Doncha think?

  18. Heck yes! I can just see Edward whirling around on the brink of a panic attack because Bella is in danger. I guess Bella is so hot it thaws out the lil guys and gets them to swimming again...ha ha ok that was my 15-year old boy answer. I don't get it either. I guess because Bella is human it sets everything off balance. The part where she lets her shield down to let him see into her FAVORITE part of the series. Gah I think I actually cried.

  19. I'm a cry baby I totally cried through it! It was one of the most beautiful things between them! LMAO about the hot bella comment. Its actually possible! I've been missing all the pouring in pics from filming what do they have them locked up too? How can we possibley go the next 3mos with nothing??

  20. edward is wayy to protectove sometimes but hes sweet but its definitly annoying

  21. edward is loving but a little to much because if she wants to do it again and again and again ect.. just like i would who is he to stop her and he did state in twilight "i may not be human but i am man" so do what men do best!