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Taking It Back to the Pages:Breaking Dawn Re-Read Chapter 7-8

Bella: Chapter 7 Unexpected

"I think...well, I think that...maybe...I might be..." I took a deep breath. "Pregnant." - Bella Swan

The honeymoon Bella had wished for had come true. She loved this part of her and Edward's relationship. So much in fact that she has decided to stay human longer.

In the beginning of chapter 7 Bella is awakened from a dream about the same child and the people in black cloaks. When she awakens, it is to an empty bed. Edward has left to go hunt on the mainland. Bella decides to make herself some chicken and takes a couple of bites and has to spit it out because it tastes off to her. She also realizes how tired she is. She goes to sleep and awakes with Edward by her side, but also awakes with a sharp pain in her stomach. She barely makes it to the bathroom to vomit.

Edward being the worry wart he is...never leaves her side. After she drinks some water and settles down she is ready to eat once more and has the same stomach episode. It's when she goes through her bag to find stomach medicine that she notices the blue box Alice packed for her. Oh No. She counted the days over and over and finally realized...she's pregnant.

After getting over the shock of getting a human pregnant...Edward freaks. He orders Bella to get her things. They are going home. This Edward frightens Bella and she doesn't understand how he can think this baby would be so bad. She automatically has a bond with this child she has never even seen. She needs it like air. But why didn't Edward? He tells her they are going to get that thing out of her before it can hurt her and she makes her mind up right then that no one would hurt her "little nudger."

As the two were leaving Kaure stops by with food and quickly notices Bella's freakishly large baby bump. She goes into an uproar and Bella cannot really understand what she is saying but gets the gist of it...this was bad. Edward is determined to get this "thing" out of her because he knows its bad too...

So Bella in turn calls for back up. She calls Rosalie.

Book Two Jacob: Chapter 8 Waiting For the Damn Fight To Start Already

Sam had made a very clear ruling. The pack would not attack the Cullens. Okay.
He hadn't mentioned and individual acting alone. Nope, the pack wasn't attacking anyone today. But I was. - Jacob Black

Stephenie switches it up and begins to tell the story from Jacob's point of view. At this stage he has not heard anything from Bella since she has come home from her honeymoon. He has no idea that she is pregnant with a half breed child.

Jacob starts out talking about pack life and how Paul has imprinted on his sister. Which of course wasn't the greatest thing to him or Billy, but it is what it is when a werewolf imprints. Speaking of imprinting, we also find out in this chapter that Quil has imprinted on little Claire. Like I said, it is what it is in the werewolf world. But imprinting was the least of Jake's worries. He has not heard from Bella in 4 weeks.

He contemplates how he will get the news or if there will ever even be any news. Would they "die" in a car crash or just disappear all together? Either way, he hated Edward and he is determined to kill him for taking Bella's life. Then it just gets worse.

Sam calls the pack to divulge on info about Bella. She has been calling Charlie saying that she is sick and cannot come home and he cannot see her because she has some rare South American disease. Of course Jacob automatically assumes Bella is going through her transformation, but the rest of the pack isn't so quick to jump the Cullens for breaking the treaty.

Sam decides that it is best for the pack not to retaliate against the vampire family because he doesn't believe that there is a threat. He also doesn't believe Bella is a victim. She chose this life. He also points out to Jacob that if they take them down, they have to take them all down and no one wanted to hurt Bella, especially Jake. So Sam comes to the decision no one will attack.

But Jacob would.
WHOA! What a mind blower! A vampire/human baby?! First time I read this...totally freaked me out. To be honest, until I knew more about Renesmee, it almost ruined the whole book for me. Even for a fantasy story this was odd for me the first time reading, but of course once you see what she really is, you have no choice but to love her.

Besides his near suicide attempt, this is the first time Edward actually loses his cool. I liked that. For one split second it made him human. Normal even. Stephenie did a great job painting the fear and concern on Edward's face. It almost made him like every other guy who just found out their wife is pregnant unexpectedly...granted he wasn't worried about whether or not he would be a good dad, but still worried and shocked that this thing could take Bella's life.

Being a mother myself, I understand Bella's instant attachment for someone who is living inside her that she hasn't even met. I love her protectiveness for this unknown creature. It may be dangerous and against nature but it's hers all the same and she doesn't see it as an abomination. I guess you could compare it to a mother who is pregnant and finds out before birth that the child will have a birth defect. That doesn't mean she will love that child any less or just throw it away. Other people may see that child differently, but that will always be her child and she will love it no matter. I get that. It's almost precious how she instantaneously switches from an 18 year old teenager to a grown up mother.

I love that she wants to protect her baby, but Rosalie?! Really? I guess she knew that she would be the one who would be on her side, but Gah! Rosalie has NEVER supported Edward and Bella and has made it clear she does not agree with her decisions and would not submit. Although for her own selfish reasons, she is willing to protect Bella and her unborn child. I'm not a huge Rosalie fan. I get her reasoning but all the same, I'm not fond of her or her motives.

Oh Jacob, how you try so hard to be a bad ass. It's kind of cute actually. The only problem I have with his anger is, it's always directed in the wrong place. Does he still not grasp that Edward NEVER wanted Bella to be a vampire?! Edward would give anything to keep her human longer but he knows its what she wants and if he doesn't give it to her someone else will. This is Bella's choice and if the pup wants to be mad at anyone it needs to be Bella. Kind of like when a girl finds out her boyfriend is cheating with someone who knew NOTHING about her...she gets mad at the girl and ends up forgiving the boyfriend. Where is the logic in that? Point blame where its due. If he knows Bella as much as he claims...he should know she is going to do what Bella wants. Period. And the fact is...Jake could never hurt Bella. No matter what species she is.

Maybe Jake is just mad because there is all of this imprinting going on and he is the lone ranger. HA HA! I have to say that this imprinting business is pretty insane. Quil and Claire? C'mon he is babysitting the one he will marry. It's just a little odd if you ask me. Where was Stephenie's mind when she came up with this? I'm not saying its gross or wrong...just strange.

A few things for you to ponder on....
What were your thoughts on Bella getting pregnant? What about her calling Rosalie for help? What are your thoughts on imprinting...weird or kinda cool? Was Jacob justified in his plan to attack the Cullens without knowing the whole story? Was it jealousy or concern? Should he just accept it and move on or should he still fight for Bella to live as a human?

C'mon Wolf/Vampire girls (or guys ;) ) Show your team spirit and get the discussion hopping!


  1. I love the facts that Bella gets pregnant, and that she calls ROSALIE for help is just saying how far she's willing to go for her baby.
    I also think that imprinting is cool and very sad. It's cool that they're finding their true mates that way, but look at Leah, Sam and Emily, that's a sad thing.

    For Jake I think he should give up Bella, and just accept her choice. He should've accepted it when she told her that her feelings doesn't matter for her choice. Don't you think?

  2. I have to admit the first time I read this book, I was on the fence about what I thought should have happened in regards to Bella and the baby. I felt like she was being so unfair to Edward and Jacob by putting them through this. And given her health, I was really thinking this baby was not a good thing. Edward was so broken up about it, and Jacob was too. And to team up with Rosalie?! I have to say, for a while I was strongly disliking Bella all of a sudden. I thought she was being really annoying about the whole thing. Of course, once Edward could start reading Renesmee's thoughts in the womb, I began seeing the bigger picture.

    Do you think Meyer wanted us to feel all of those conflicting thoughts about Bella?

  3. Hanne: I agree with her motives for calling Rosalie...I do. I understand that you would do anything to keep your child safe, but ya know Mama C would have supported her too. Well she did actually. I just don't like Rosalie's reasoning for helping I guess. She has been so crappy to Bella the entire series but now she has a kid...she guards her with her life.

    As far as the imprinting...I feel so horrible for Leah. She has it rough and in a sense we have to realize how rough it is on Sam as well. That would be a royally screwed up situation to be apart of.

    I agree when Bella made her choice in Eclipse. Jake should have got the hint and went packing. He should have just been her friend or be nothing. It's pretty simple. But the main reason why Jake aggravates me is because he is always being pissed at Edward and he needs to point the finger on Bella.

    Anonymous: I think Stephenie wanted us to see Bella coming into her own...growing up so to speak. At one point she was willing to give up her life for Edward and now that she has a child she will even go against the man she loves to save it. I had to read at least twice before I could see Bella's actions as self-less vs. selfish. I hate the pain she puts Edward through but what would we feel like if the roles were reversed. Let's say Edward went against Bella's wishes (which he never would) and managed to take the baby out of her to save her. Would we feel just as irritated at him for hurting her or would we see it as being protective?

  4. You guys are awesome by the way :) Thanks for joining in

  5. Bella getting pregnant, that made me feel anxious. Calling rosalie was the last thing I expected! I think imprinting is sorta weird. I also think he has both jelousy and concern for bella. I think he should not give up, but continue fighting

  6. great idea that bella gets pregnant, but she decide to stay human for a wille..

  7. Really? You wanted him to keep fighting for her? Dont u think that would hurt him more?

  8. I was really confused when I read the pregnacy thing I knew Rose said she was frozen in time, and lo and behold Edwards swimmers still work?? what? I honestly thought they would fly back to Carlisle and ge an abortion and thats where the drama would be the cracks in the foundation if you know what i mean. I have to be honest and say I thought Edward was being an ass Bella needed him and he clammed.

    As for My Jake, You've got to remember Jake has been bred to hate vampires (and the cullen's b-4 he knew) He thinks Edward has some kind of a supernatural hold on Bella. He is grappling with grief and anger. And his thoughts are irrational. Jake is a hot head but he loves her and he feels that she is dying to him, She will be gone when his pack kill's her. He will have to be part of that and the anger and sorrow of that makes him want Edward dead (rightly so :):0 He knows that Edward would never bring bella back in the danger of that so he will hunt him down. * on a side note I love it when Jake punches paul <3* Picture with me shirtless jake going wild YUMMY :)

    When i read about The imprinting I was like waaah wait waaah ok ok let me read it again. Its a cute take on love at first sight but with toddlers?? That is the main question I would love to ask stephanie. what was her reasoning? where in gods name did that come from ewww gross :)!! Do you think Edward was being a jerk? And who is the boy in her dreams what did that mean?? Do you think if you were about to loose a person you love you wouldnt do just about anything to save them?

    Oh Jake these next few chap's are soooooo GOOD :)

  9. I did at first think Edward was being an ass...but then you have to remember Edward's main goal is to keep Bella safe and he didn't think this baby was safe. He KNEW what it would do to her. He wanted to protect her. He loves her. He can be a bit over bearing sometimes but his heart is in the right place.

    The dream. Well the only thing I can gather from the dream is that Stephenie is foreshadowing the events to come. The baby is born and the Volturi have come to kill the child and everyone associated with it. Also this dream is a glimpse into Bella as a vampire. I like how she is ready to rumble..."The panic changed to bloodlust as I crouched forward, a smile on my face, and a growl ripped through my bared teeth." ......LOVE IT!

    It's true. I understand why he can't let go but to be honest...if I loved someone as much as Jake loves Bella...I could let her go so she would be happy. I would just want that person happy, whether or not it was me or someone I hate. If they were happy, then I would be. I am not saying it wouldn't hurt...b/c it would rip me to shreds but that's what love is...ripping yourself apart for the one you love.

  10. Ha ha yeah next few chapters should be interesting from my point of view :)

  11. I really love your opinions! It makes me understand Twilight even more, thank you so much!

    And by the way, LOVE the blog, can't wait to see more pictures from the filming!

  12. But he did let her go, She invites him into her life over and over again! He grapples with wanting so bad for this to end in BD but she is essentially begging him back. I cant beleive Edward allows it to happen. He is sometimes so willing to give Bella anything she wants that it hurts her. Something he would rather die than let happen.

    I absolutley love in the next few chaps when Sam is making orders an Jake is bound to it but simply cannot do it. And when Jake goes to kill Edward ohhhh I have chills I love the book of Jake!


  13. He did let her go in a sense, but she does invite him back in but only as her friend. Bella is a selfish little booger when it comes to Jake. So I guess I can't really blame it all on him. She should accept that he cannot be her friend without wanting to be with her. I dunno that chic is seriously messed up, but in a weird way I get it. He is her best friend and she doesn't want to lose him, but Jake should have stood up to her just like Edward should have too. I'm starting to notice a trend here...Bella is a bit spoiled and everyone always gives her what she wants. If she were not played by my #1 girl crush I would have serious issues with Bella, but in the name of Kristen I still love her HA HA

    I actually love it when Jake is like ya know screw this I'm doing my own thing. He kinda becomes a man in Breaking Dawn so I do like that...I start to like him in Breaking Dawn but PLEASE don't say anything :)

  14. Thank you so much Hanne! That means alot! I am ready for some news to come out so I guess we will just have to wait patiently. :)

  15. UR right sounds like our beloved characters just have some growin up to do huh! Jake is overbearing in his love for Bella. He does need to accept Bella just doesnt love him like he wants her to, and become her bf like she wants. I honestly wonder why steph made such a drama between the two did, she know it would grip our hearts like this :)
    Iknow right in RL we would prob hate Bella for leading on two hott men and not sharing the wealth ;) Cuz I'd gladly take sloppy seconds. I think she does love jake in that way , Just not enough. She made a choice and Jake took second, His ego wont let that go!

  16. I don't like Bella in general. I like everyone in the book EXCEPT bella...she is spoiled when it comes to edward and selfish when it comes to jake.


  17. Yeah I kinda agree my sis who is no a Twi fan says the characters are so horrible to eachother. She kind of is a spoiled brat!

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  19. This is exactly y we need a new book from stephenie to give us a new perspective on all of the characters. We need grown up versions. Maybe then I could have some love for Jacob.

  20. Um did I hear u right?? no I must be reading this wrong did u say love and Jake in the same sentence?? lol :)

  21. Lol yes I did n if u say anything I will deny it with everything I have lol