Sunday, November 7, 2010

*Whistles* TAXI!! Breaking Dawn Filming Tonight?

The past couple of days have been nothing but fan encounters and papz pics of Kristen and Rob (and Stephanie). No complaints from me...but I am willing to bet the fabulous duo have had some complaints with the EXTREME fans standing outside their hotel room chanting their names. Really? Have Rob and Kris reached Michael Jackson status?! HA HA!

The folks at Foforks are keeping us updated to the max on any news about Breaking Dawn in Brazil. They have shared some set pictures with us showing how the streets will be blocked off. We are guessing this will be to film the taxi scene portion of the honeymoon. Gah...honeymoon. How come all I can think of is feathers and the slightest chance of seeing Rob partially naked?!

The scene that they will shoot in Lapa is that they are in a taxi passing by a busy place.

No use going to the local of the filming, there are roadblocks and security everywhere. Even the residents were evacuated.

So folks, there you have it. It could be true or it may not be. Rumors are nothing new in this fandom. Guess we will have to wait it out and keep you updated...Don't forget to joing our re-read on Saturdays. We will be discussing all week!

{via Foforks}

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