Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Leaked 'Breaking Dawn' Trailer Spoof

Hey Guys!

So, this video just hit YouTube and it is fabulous. Labeled as a leaked Breaking Dawn Trailer this video is the perfect spoof about Jacob and Renesmee's relationship. It is insanely funny and makes me anxious for the beginning of the end! I want Breaking Dawn!


  1. Breaking Dawn i just wanna sleep until it comes so it will come faster to me!!!

  2. That is so dumb but funny as hell!

  3. Oh wow, loved it! Funny as hell.

    God, the guy playing 'Edward' did a great job.
    The girl playing 'Bella', thumbs up.

  4. LOL!!! the guy playin edward is really good, quite cute 2 (not as cute as real edward though) . The woman playin bella is great . the man as jacob is lololol!!!! i liked the bit were it goes "he is hungry for her love"...................."and a mcflurry"!!! LOL LMAOO!!!!xxxi<3edward.c