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Taking It Back to the Pages: Breaking Dawn Re-Read Chapter 9&10

Jacob: Chapter 9 Sure As Hell Didn't See That One Coming

"They were all here, all together, but that was not what froze me where I stood and had my jaw dropping to the floor. It was Edward. It was the expression on his face." - Jacob Black

Bella is back in Forks but not as the vampire she hoped to be. She is pregnant with Edward's half blood baby. Strangely enough, Bella is pretty excited about this baby but it is making her very ill. In order to keep Charlie in the dark, Carlisle has told Charlie that Bella contracted some foreign disease and that he would need to stay away from her. Word gets back to the wolf pack and Jacob is ready to throw down with the vampires.

The pack disagrees and therefore Jake decides he will just act on his own. He goes off to the Cullen house to kill Edward personally when he is greeted by Carlisle. Jacob has a hard time being angry with Carlisle, afterall he is the sweetest man/vampire ever. This is where he finds Bella in her state....

Jake first sees Bella and realizes that she is really sick. They were telling the truth, but something was up. Rosalie, who didn't think too highly of Bella, hovered over her so protectively. He asks her what is wrong and she answers his question by getting off the couch and showing him her protruding belly. Could she be that pregnant? No of course not...but she was.

Jacob instantly blames Edward for creating this monster that was killing Bella, but then once Edward suggests him and Jacob take it outside...he sees the agony in Edward's eyes. He sees how badly this is hurting Edward. Jacobs wonders why Carlisle hasn't taken it out of her and Edward explains Bella wishes to keep this baby no matter the cost. Edward begs Jacob to try and reason with Bella. He even asks Jacob to offer Bella the chance to have normal children with him. Edward was desperate.

Jacob is so angry at Edward but realizes killing him right now would only make matters worse for Bella. So as a result, the two make a deal that if Bella doesn't make it Jake will kill Edward as soon as the moment passes. Edward welcomes death at the idea of being in a world where Bella doesn't exist.

Chapter 10 Why Didn't I Just Walk Away? Oh Right, Because I'm An Idiot.

"I felt like-like I don't know what. Like this wasn't real. Like I was in some Goth version of a bad sitcom. Instead of being the A/V dweeb about to ask the head cheerleader to the prom, I was the finished-second-place werewolf about to ask the vampire's wide to shack up and procreate. Nice." - Jacob Black

Jacob decides to try and talk some sense into Bella so she could save herself from this monster. Bella seems so content with her decision to keep this baby and so sure that everything will work out how it is supposed to. This wasn't good enough for Jacob. He wanted his best friend back. He wanted the girl he loves to live.

Bella seems to be oddly peaceful considering the circumstances. She was actually a little excited like any normal mother would be. She is completely wrapped up into this child and will do anything to protect it. The two argue back and forth about this unknown creature inside of Bella when the baby kicks and Bella cringes. It is at this moment when Jake realizes how badly the baby is hurting Bella. She is covered in bruises and pale and was sucking the life from her.

He is grasping for anything...any small thing to change her mind so he offers himself to her. He offers to be the father of her child. Bella instantly pushes Jake to admit that Edward put him up to it and she goes on about how badly she is hurting Edward but couldn't fathom why he would ever think she could give up this child. This child was apart of her and him.

Jacob finally had his fill of seeing Bella beaten and bruised by the monster living inside her...he had to get out of there. He heads back to his side of the line and the pack is waiting for him. They all get a glimpse into Jake's mind and see what is going on. Immediately Sam decides they have to attack. They have to stop this child from hurting everyone. This time Jacob does not agree with attacking the Cullens.

He tries to explain to Sam that they still have the responsibility of protecting Bella because she is human and Sam retaliates by saying she is making a choice and now her choice effects everyone. She has to be stopped. Sam tells the pack, including Jake, they will attack and he will obey the orders he is given.

Now it's getting good! Jacob is finally becoming a man that I can respect and not loathe. Whoa! Did I just say something decent about wolf boy?! Once again though, Jacob fails to get angry at the person he should be. He is ready to waltz in and kill Edward at first sight for something that obviously isn't a one-sided effort. First he thinks Bella is a vampire...her choice...instead he finds her pregnant...again her choice and a joint effort. Either way he is raging mad at Edward instead of Bella. Ok can someone tell me what it is about this girl that makes these men do the dumbest things?!

So Edward asking Jacob to offer his "services" to Bella to change her mind about this baby was so heartbreaking. I cannot stand the idea of Edward hurting so bad that he would even suggest the idea. The pain Bella is putting him through is unbearable...not only for Edward but for me reading it. This is another one of those moments where I want to shake her and tell her to quit being so selfish, but again at the same time I understand. I feel very bi-polar when i read these next few chapters lol one minute I agree with her then I hate her. Its very emotional for me. When it comes time for the movie...this part will be the death of me.

Edward is so helpless at this stage. He is in pure agony and everyone is against him. The only one on who is really on his side is Jacob so to speak. This disgusting bond between Bella and Rosalie kind of sickens me. Maybe if Rosalie were not so selfish in nature it wouldn't bother me as bad. She has absolutely no concern for Bella. She is living her life through Bella and willing to risk Bella's life for her own personal gratification. I know I have said this before but I have no love for Rosalie :) I do however adore the love/hate relationship between Rosalie and Jake. They do love to hate one another don't they?

I do have to give Bella props where they are needed. She has to be the most optimistic person ever. Here she is lying on a couch...beaten and broken and near dead from this baby inside of her and she is still determined that everything will work out. She just knows that everything will fall into place. I am assuming this is because in some weird way the pull Renesmee has on Jacob is effecting her as well.

Speaking of Jacob...I am so proud of him for standing up to the pack...Sam especially. He is no longer that teenager that is trying to play games to win a girl's heart but he is a man who is trying to save his best friend. He is willing to put his hate for the vampires behind him to protect her. The most adult thing he has done in this whole series. This is the beginning of Jacob forming his own pack...being his own leader. He was never meant to be a follower.

So its discussion time!!! Do you think once again Bella is being selfish by asking Jake to understand? To be there? Does your heart break for Edward? Is his agony too much to handle? Will you be able to handle seeing Rob in that much pain? Is the pack right for wanting to attack the Cullens including Bella? What do you think about Edward's proposal that Jacob give Bella a child? Desperate or Weird? Let's get it going!!

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  1. I think Bella i being sorta selfish, but he should understand. I do feel bad for Edward. It would be hard o see rob in that much pain. I think the pack is wrong, but they are kinda right. The baby could hurt people, even though it never does. I think it is bothe desprate and weird to ask jake to do that!

  2. I really think Stephenie wants us to go crazy trying to figure out when side to be minute you admire Bella the next you want to smack her. lol it's insane....yeah the whole asking Jake to give bella a child is crazy and very very desperate

  3. I think bella should do it w/ jake :) I have more but I gotta do it later I just couldnt help myself

  4. Ha ha :) well I mean would she have children or puppies? HA HA I wasn't sure....u know I had to throw that in there :)

  5. Puppies or satins spawn? Hmmmm Jk

    Ok here I go first off I want to say these chapters are so real, the feelings are all over the place. I was up and down also but on the Jake emotional roller coaser (does any one else feel it?) I Just feel true sorrow pouring from him. Bella has him swirling into a full fledged depression, to decide to attack Edward then reap his own fate. This is one of the reasons among tons of others that I felt this movie couldn't be made. Taylor is gonna have to step it up tenfold if he wants anyone to believe he is spiraling emotionaly.
    ANd then to come upon Edward who is literally losing it! This moment really resonated to me It showed me that Edward was essentially becomeing more human, Because when bella would speak of the Cullen's in stress she would say they were "frozen". Like all fixtures to a room, So for it to be written on his face was something i tried to imagine over and over What would it really look like? It'll also be hard to convey that kind of saddness. Your loosing your new wife and your also losing your child. To be desperate enough to ask the one person who you know has a thing with your wife And cheated together to have sex with your wife to make her happy?! HU ? I am always thinking of alternate endings and stories. How would that have gone if Bella wanted to? would Jake be involved? Would Edward deal with it? That was almost Sister wives (husbands):).

    I kinda hate the whole Rosalie thing because she is essentially using Bella to get her own child just waiting for her to die so she can swoop in. It was awful and how come Bella couldn't see through that? But on the other hand i really do love the Jake/Rose relationship. Its so funny in a book thats not funny at all!

    And I Love where Jake grows a pair and stands up to Sam who is being a jerk and using his alpha powers unjustly. I love how he just simply cannot make himself do it. and his buddy's are desperatly trying to help him. I was so sad when they were talking about who would take who and how some of them would not make it. I was seriously mad why would they get together for an alliance in one book and kill eachother in the next? UGHHHHH see what I mean Its a rollercoaster!
    Oh yeah and the Bella subborness absolutly drove me insane here she is hurting all these people and she's too bull headed. She'd rather die for this thing that killing her?? instead of becomming what she had set out to do in the beginning of this saga. SHE wanted Edward begged him and pleaded with him to be with her forever and to never die now she's gonna die and a cruel death at that?! WHAT?? Of course it all turn out good in the end but I was so mad when I first read it like what a selfish stubborn bitch you have an angel for a husband, the hottest BF/FTF, The chance to stay 18 4-eva, a new Extreemley rich family, and anything you want. Get the thing out Get a top notch education at dartmouth buy some condoms and live happily ever afer?? Why do you want to die for something that for all you know will kill you when its born?? And I have kids but I still wanted to step in as a mom and be like come on girl make the right choices.

    I THINK IM YELLING ! RAMBLING ECT>>>>>> Whaddya think??

  6. I am not sure what to say because I completely love the book. Bella always made it clear to Jacob that she only saw Jacob as a friend. She was in love with Edward and that was that. You can't fight true love. In New Moon Jacob was there for Bella when she need him and all through that her thoughts were only for Edward. In Eclipse I thought Jacob was kind of a jerk because he was to oblivious to the fact that Bella was in love with Edward and eventually really wanted to marry him.

    In Breaking Dawn everyone is faced with something the never faced before. The pack is too gun ho (is that how you say it) and only see the baby as a monster. Edward right off the bat saw the baby as a monster that was killing his wife and wanting get rid of it. For Rosalie she hated Bella right from the beginning and even told her why to get her to understand. She finally accepted Bella as a sister even though she wasn't happy about it. When Edward and Carlisle wanted to take terminate the pregnancy a desperate Bella called Rosalie for help because she was the only one who understood her situation. Rosalie thinks Edward is an idiot for not seeing what Bella sees in the baby. Yes all Rosalie wanted was a baby when this situation arose she was excited because there would finally be a baby in the house and she'll care for it if no one else will if something happens to Bella. The others don't know what to do they are just playing it by ear. Carlisle is just being a Doctor and trying the best he can for Bella it pull through.

    As for Bella you have to see it through her point of view. For some woman who find out they are about to give birth to a child with a birth defect they do not want to terminate it. They love the child and want to face the challenge head on even if it means risking their lives and having a risky pregnancy. Bella accepted the fact that she would never be able to have children with Edward when she decided to become a vampire. She never knew she was ever going to get pregnant. So therefore she fell in love with the baby from the moment it first kicked. This is hers and Edwards baby and she want to keep fighting to keep this baby alive until she give birth to it even if it costs her life to do it. Also she knows in her heart that Edward will love the baby to.

  7. She may have made that clear but she also welcomed him in. I thinks she was always giving him the wrong idea in New Moon she told him no not never just not now and all the holding hands it was confusing to me. She pursued him in New moon and in Eclipse. He was constantly turning her down in the beginning of Eclipse but she had to push it. Then the moment she kisses him she realizes there are feelings there, they are just not as great as her feelings for Edward. So she breaks it off with him in the end of Eclipse and Jake runs away for what he thinks is ever right? But Bella still misses and thinks about him all the time. And Jake all heartbroken is still in love with her and goes back time and time again. So to me all that "Its Jake's fault is crap"(to me). she could have let him go about ignoring her and pretending she wasnt alive. She needed him and of course we all know why.

    I totally get the whole she stood up for something she believed in and in the end it did turn out well, but this is half the reason I was so mad at the book Like I had dedicated myself to this series and here she's gonna die in the end rediculous.of course i fell in love with nessie too and was glad that she stuck with herself but I was literally mad when she died. I closed the book and walked away... I told myself i hated it but it kept calling my name :) So I read the end and loved it and read it again. I am not an Edward hater I love Edward but I for some reason connected to Jake too. I Just think that its always so one sidded Jake needs a voice too:)

    I also get the whole birth defect thing I worked ob/gyn for 10 yrs. there are also some instances where the defect is not compatable with life and is deadly for mom too. Those pregnanct's are not allowed to go on. So I guess i was interpreting Bella's pregnancy in a medical fashion. I was happy when it turned out good. I was just mad about wasting my time and emotions on a book that ended in death. I think maybe my first post sounded bitchy SORRY 'BOUT THAT :)

    But I stand strong on the whole Rose thing, I hate users and thats all Rose did to her,.... for her baby if any of us knew someone like that we'd all hate her!

    I guess I just get so pationate about this series we all have specific opinions about it dont we? :) That why I love this discussion every week:) Thanks for the feed back Kim B

  8. I think in the beginning Bella made it very obvious that she would never be with Jake but once we got to Eclipse and especially Breaking Dawn...the whole love triangle was her creation. She knew that Jacob couldn't handle just being her friend...but yet she continuously begs him to stay in her life. It was very selfish of her...granted there was a rhyme and reason behind it all bit Bella didn't know that. She was just wanting Jake there because she wanted her best friend and the love of her existence...that is my take on it. In New Moon and part of Eclipse...Jake was pushing himself on her and she was so vulnerable and I think he kind of took advantage of that...but not in Breaking Dawn.

    I saw the Rose situation for what it was...she wanted a baby and Bella was having one, so in turn she would help her and live her life and desires through Bella. Not a huge Rose fan at the movies or the books :) I tried just couldn't get down with her.

    Sorry for the late response...I am in insurance class all week and I am trying not to have a nervous break down lol so that hasn't left much room for blogging :)

    btw I still don't like Jake ha ha :)

  9. Hey now hey now Leave poor Jakey alone :) Totally agree about the Rose sit. I hate users! Yeah yeah yeah so jake did jump on a vunerable girl But dont forget in Twi Bella shamlessly flirtd with him too. Ugh I swear we could go round and round (But I think Im losing:( ) I'm not sure I can ustify his stance anymore..... OMG am I gonna have to switch sided perm.??

    EWWW ins. classes how boring does that sound? Feel free to come spend some time in SA !!

  10. HA HA hells yeah! I knew I would turn you over to the dark side sooner or later :)

  11. EdwardsBella418....converting Wolf Lovers All Over the Planet.

    HA HA thats my new slogan :)