Saturday, December 11, 2010

Taking It Back to the Pages: Breaking Dawn Re-Read Chapter 11&12

Jacob: Chapter 11 The Two Things At The Very Top Of My Things-I-Never-Want-To-Do-List

"I could feel the drive, the need, to get on my feet and lead them. The compulsion grew, and I fought it uselessly, cringing on the ground where I was." - Jacob Black

The pack has decided to take action and attack the Cullens, including the newest Cullen, Bella. Jake informed the guys about Bella's "situation" and Sam thinks to protect the people they must attack because Bella's baby is an abomination and highly dangerous. The decision was made even though Jake did not approve.

As the pack begins to move in, Jake is starting to get 2nd thoughts about obeying Sam's orders. He can't find it in himself to attack the only woman he has ever loved. He finally decides that this is one order he cannot follow and just like that, all the bonds that hold him to the pack break. He is his own leader.

Sam goes back and forth with Jacob about him breaking the pack up and turning his back on his family, but there is no swaying Jacob's decision. He tells Sam he will stand and protect the Cullens because they are innocent and that was their protect the innocent. So Jacob breaks from the pack to warn the Cullens.

When he thinks he is alone he discovers Seth is following him. Seth is prepared to help Jacob protect the Cullens because he agrees with Jake's point of view. Jacob tries to get him to leave but Seth refuses and they realize at this moment, two packs have been formed.

Seth and Jacob make their way to the Cullen mansion to give warning to the vampires about the danger heading their way. Once they get there Edward runs through Jacob's thoughts and sees the pack is coming to kill Bella. He is furious and of course Emmett and Jasper are ready for a fight. Edward instructs them to back down and Seth and Jacob take over patrolling the perimeter.

Jake is hanging around the outside of the house when he notices Bella. The room has been rearranged and a hospital bed has been brought in. There were IV's and tubes all over. She was doing worse and Edward had become the burning man again...

Chapter 12 Some People Just Don't Grasp The Concept Of "Unwelcomed"

"Maybe the planet had started turning backward. Maybe that would explain how everything was the opposite of what it had been yesterday- how I could be hoping for what had once seemed like the very worst thing in the world." - Jacob Black

Jacob has separated from the pack and Seth follows so the two of them can go warn the Cullens and protect them if necessary. Jacob wasn't really interested in being a pack leader but he was going to have to get used to Seth following him around and now Leah comes along for the ride as well.

Come to find out Leah has broken from the pack as well, claiming it was to make sure her brother was safe, but Jacob feels she is there for another reason. She was enjoying being away from the pain fest caused by being with Sam, not that it wasn't a pain hanging out with Jake all day. Not only was it a pain to Leah, but Jake didn't totally love the idea either. Even though the two were some what uncomfortable with each other,Leah made her presence useful by divulging information about the pack and their strategy.

She informs Jacob that Sam is at a loss for a plan so he decides to meet up with the Elders. She also lets him know that there is no plan of attack at the moment but the vamps were on the chopping block. Jacob's mini pack will keep watch over the Cullens.

Jacob goes back up to the house where he runs into Carlisle. Carlisle is grateful for what Jacob is doing for his family and even though Jacob despises the vamps he cannot find it in him to be rude to Carlisle. They begin discussing Bella and how she isn't getting any better and how there doesn't seem to be anything they can do for her. The baby isn't compatible with Bella's body and it is killing her but there could be a chance that the venom could save her.

Carlisle begins to explain to Jacob how he didn't think he needed to warn Edward and Bella. He did not believe it would be genetically possible for Bella to get pregnant. Carlisle expresses his frustration when it comes to this fetus and what it wants. He also reveals to Jake that he did a little behind the back research on Jake's genetic make-up.

Edward was eavesdropping on Jacob and Carlisle's and he comes up with an idea. They decide since the baby is half vampire it must want blood. Naturally, Jake finds this repulsive but goes along with it if it will help Bella. To everyone's surprise, Bella was all for drinking the blood and feeding her little nudger...

Chief Jacob! Finally the pup has become a dog! I have to admit I love the way he stands up to Sam. Sam was in the wrong for wanting to attack the Cullens and even though Jacob was ready to kill Edward earlier he knew it wasn't right to take action. He really showed his maturity by doing the right thing. Bella is a very lucky chic to have such great men in her life.

Seriously I have to admit...I really like Jacob in Breaking Dawn. I grew to love him. I guess for me it was about him learning his place in the world ha long as he knows Bella belongs to Edward, I am cool with that. He fits nicely in Bella's world...just not in the way he had first intended.

As far as the pack splitting...I kind of saw this coming in Eclipse. Jacob did not fit as a follower. He is a leader and he was born that way. But it was pretty bad ass how he just decided that he wasn't going to follow Sam's directions anymore and the bonds broke. Sam was totally in the wrong for throwing a guilt trip at Jake and OMG when he shut him was fabulous. I can see Sam's face now...REJECTED! Not only did he get shut down by Jake but Seth and Leah bailed on him too...he is just having a bad day.

Poor Leah. I think out of the whole series I sympathize with her the most. She has the hardest time. I could not imagine having to "work" so closely with someone who ripped your heart apart. I guess we can't really get mad at Sam because he imprinted but still I just feel so horrible for Leah. Not only does she have to be apart of Sam and Emily's life, but she has to hear his thoughts and none of hers are private either. She has to have her heart re-broke everyday. WOW no wonder she is so bitchy. I do however adore the love/hate relationship her and Jacob have. Its amusing.

Ok, so I have been talking about the wolf pack WAY too much its starting to get to me...when does my dear sweet Edward get a break! Good thing he can think about a million things at once, otherwise he would be insane! Not only is the love of his existence being killed by a creature inside of her...but now he has wolves on the prowl coming to kill his family! I would like to volunteer my services of relieving all of Edward's stress ha ha :) He is having a rough time and he is obviously edgy...and let me be honest...I would have loved if he would have just took Rosalie down instead of always being the nice guy.

So Bella drinking blood as a human...ok well I saw it coming but still its a little gross for my taste. Although I feel it was necessary for the progression of the story but still nasty all the same. I think I really dig the fact that she is down with it. That chic is one dedicated vampire to be. I am interested in how Kristen will play this part in the movie, granted its in there...

Ok...let's get our talk on! What did you think about Jacob breaking from the pack? Did you see that coming? What do you think about Jacob as a pack leader? Is he capable? What about she justified in her bad attitude? Do you feel like I do and wish you could just hug her? Would you like to see a Rosalie and Edward brawl in the movie? Were you grossed out my Bella's willingness to drink blood or were you impressed by her dedication?

Let's get it rolling! Anything else you have to discuss bring it to the table! Hope you are all having an awesome weekend!


  1. Ok lots to say this week but dont B mad if I ramble or dont make sense I was just at a party with an open bar :) *wink* :) OK so I was sooo happy when Jake grew a pair and stood up to Sam. I could picture him there unable to move and Sam all big and bad making rediculous orders, How could he even think Jake could go through with that?? I felt there was some kind of unspoken truce in Eclipse and I was so mad at Sam, I felt he was betraying the Cullens. It was really sad when Embry and Quill were trying to get Jake to "Obey". Giving him a pep talk to kill the people he had wanted to kill his whole life, and wanted to kill even worse now. Edward had condemed his love to death and there was NOTHING he could do about it. In his mind the rest of the Cullen's deserved to die too. But somewhere in his mind he just could not do it.... This was so moving to me. So real right? He really did respect Edward and as much as he hated him he respected him. Did u get that too?

    The one thing about this that did suprise me was Leah showing up, I thought 4 sure it would be quill or embry. To be honest I didnt even like Leah I thought she needed to get over it and stop badgering Jake all the time (go figure being a team Jake> :) I actually hated the way they protrayed leah in the movie, I didnt see her as dirty. I actually imagined her Pretty. But I thought the pack split felt easy like it was always sapposed to be that way. Like Jake really should have been alpha. Oh yeah on a side not Funny dontcha think how U (edwardsbells418) felt sorry for Leah and the Sam thing but no love for Jake Whats with the extra love there ???? LOL hahah :)

    Ok so I also love delving into Jakes 2 worlds on one hand he is alpha wolf protecting his domain (the cullens go fig?!) and being with Bella in the house. The constant saddness on Edwards face, the stress in the rest of the Cullen's. 'Cept Rose of course, and the constant tension this seemed to cause. I Just felt so much sadness though for Jake. Here its killing him inside to be there but every inch if his (sexy) body is telling him he must get a glimpse of his love. He must see how bad it really is. He must participate in every last moment because he loves her and cannot bear to have her die when he is not there.
    *tears sniffles* Ugh now drunk and teared up I'm a sad sight:)

    Ok I must comment on Edward -- Hell Ya I think He should take her out (rose) She had NO right to step up outta no where and block him out. The way she describes his saddness is so sad isnt it? Did that make sense?? And the whole dna thing i thought was soo cool. I really liked how Jakes relationship with each of the Cullen's grows. Of course I liked that the whole idea of the blood came from Jake accident or not. And its so funny how Jakes always telling Bella the truth about how freaky she really is, only a BF can pull that off right!But it is kinda sad how Edward realizes that Bella is letting Jake in and wanting him there.

    Ok I know im not making sny sense and i should just close out but im gonna go ahead and post and laugh later :)

  2. Yeah I feel a little sorry for Edward because Jake and Bella have this connection that he is lacking with Bella. Mainly he is lacking it because her refuses to tell her anything that may hurt her feelings the slightest bit. Jake on the other hand has that relationship to where he will tell her if she is being a dumbass...

    Edward could never have that same relationship with Bella because well I don't think she would ever open up to him the way she does Jake. She already feels that she isn't good enough for Edward and making herself vulnerable to him just un-levels the playing field even more. But with Jake its easy to be herself and let him see her.
    Sometimes though I must admit...I wish Edward were more like Jacob and would be like "Ok Bella you're being a dumbass."

    As far as my sympathy for Leah...their situation was different :) Sam didn't have a choice...he imprinted on Emily. I am sure could he of chose he would have picked Leah. With Bella its different...she had a choice and she chose heart would have broke a tiny fraction had Jacob just took it like a man and left her alone...but no...he had to go cause all kinds of trouble :) But seriously though the main difference is that Sam didn't have a choice and Bella did. Bella chose Edward, not Jacob. Not just once but many times...he should have got the picture ya know <3

  3. i think that bella should chosse jacob but on the other hand i like Edward kuz i love vampires but jacob is more protective over bella than jake also if i was Edward i start choosing my descions wisley kuz belaa is a beatuiful girl i wish i was in the movie and my name is nathaniel harris u can reach me at myspace or facebook it dosent mattter either one

  4. i am in love hey i things she shoud stay true to EDWARD find me at on facebook