Saturday, December 18, 2010

Taking It Back to the Pages: Breaking Dawn Re-Read Chapter 13&14

Jacob Chapter 13: Good Thing I've Got A Strong Stomach

"Bella shoved the straw between her lips, squeezed her eyes shut, and wrinkled her nose. I could hear the blood slopping around in the cup again as her hand shook. She sipped at it for a second, and then moaned quietly with her eyes still closed." - Jacob Black

They finally have it figured out...the only way to keep Bella safe is to give the baby what it wants. Blood. Carlisle and the others have decided that maybe if they attempt to give the baby blood it will calm itself and stop feeding itself off of Bella. This has to work. Given her exceptional distaste for blood and the fact that she faints at the first smell of it, she was very cooperative and willing to take one for the team.

Naturally this disgusts Jacob. Bella takes the cup and draws the liquid through the straw and to everyone's surprise and Edward & Jacob's dismay...she loved it. It was doing the trick. Her color was coming back and she was feeling a lot better.

After Jacob decides he has had enough...he walks outside to the sound of howls ripping through the forest. There is trouble. He quickly shifts and catches up to Leah and Seth to see what the deal is. Sam had sent someone. Quil, Paul, and Collin came to speak to Jake in their wolf form and Jared stayed human.

Jared talks about how Jacob has torn their family apart and how they want him back. He offered a truce that they would reassess the issue after the baby was born. Jacob is still in his wolf form at this point, so he decides to shift to talk to Jared. The two talk for a bit and Jacob makes it clear to Jared that he is not coming back and he will protect the Cullens as long as it is necessary. And once they have talked and Jared and about to take off...he starts into Leah and Seth telling them how bad they are hurting their mother and how bad Leah is hurting Sam, but they blow it off.

As Jared leaves Jake wonders why Sam did not send Embry and Seth came up with the fact that Embry was too upset to deal with losing his best friend and he didn't want to take a chance of losing another member to Jacob's renegade pack. Jacob misses his friends but he has to not let that get in the way of what he has to do. Protect the innocence.

Chapter 14 You Know Things Are Bad When You Feel Guilty For Being Rude to Vampires

"If she would just not care...Or more than that - really not want me around. It would be so much easier to stay away." - Jacob Black

Jacob heads back to the Cullen house after his meeting with Jared to give the Cullens an update on what was said. When he walks up to the porch and there are a basket of clothes and since Jacob just shredded his last set, he was much obliged. Edward had left them there and Jacob found this oddly nice...

Jacob walks in to check on Bella and she looks so happy to see him. He couldn't understand what it was that made a married woman act this way toward him. Putting that aside, he shares the news with the Cullens that the pack was just coming to talk and there was no attack on the horizon.

Jacob takes off to catch some sleep and Edward follows after him. He lets him know that Esme hates the thought of them feeling as if they were homeless and had no where to go. So Edward offers the house and anything in it to them. Jacob says thank you but kindly refuses. When starts toward the forest he hears a painful cry.

Jacob rushes back in to find that the baby living inside of Bella has broken her rib. The blood had made Bella stronger but it had made the baby stronger too. Jacob hangs around inside, too tired to push forward, when he finds Alice. She tells him how the baby is giving her a headache because Bella is so wrapped up in the baby she cannot see anything and having Jacob near was like taking aspirin for her headache. Jacob instantly falls asleep...

When Jake finally wakes up he finds Seth with his arm around Bella and a plate of food in his lap. Bella looked so much better...almost normal. He is about to leave when Carlisle stops him to talk about how they will need to hunt soon. Jake tells Carlisle they should go during the day and stay together and they should be fine. Carlisle mentions Bella's safety and that he wouldn't dare expect Jacob to fight against his brothers. Jacob responds by saying he doesn't like the idea but if its necessary he will protect Bella at all cost.

As Jacob starts to take off...Esme approaches him and all but begs him to take some food and clothing with him. She also asks him to sleep in the house. He graciously accepts even though he plans on dumping the food as soon as he reaches the forest. Who knew vampires were so hospitable.

There really isn't a whole lot going on in these two chapters. I do however like how Jacob is solidifying his role as the alpha in his renegade pack. Honestly he is pretty bad ass. I like his leadership style...he doesn't force his ruling on anyone. Everyone has a choice.

The only thing that really bothers me about Jacob and his pack in this reading was how they just refused to let the vampires help them. Maybe they have forgotten but the vamps hate them just as much as they hate the vamps. How could you be such a prick and turn away their help. Well Jacob and Leah turn it away. I love Esme's compassion for others...even enemies. She is the perfect mother. I totally adore how Seth has the perfect mindset. He understands there is no reason why wolves and vamps cannot get a long, especially when they all have a common goal. I am really looking forward to getting to know Seth's character a lot more in the movie.

Finally Jacob has realized that Bella wanting him around is not normal in any sense. He doesn't get it. Edward doesn't get it. Hell, I don't get it. This chic is definitely having the cake and eating it too. I actually like the way she always gets her way though. You cannot help but envy her for having two men falling at her feet. Sometimes I hate her for being so conflicted but let's get hate comes from wanting to be her ha ha.

Speaking of Jacob and the changes he has made in this book...I LOVE how he stand his ground with Jared, even though he knows its hurting Quil and Embry...he has a job to do and he is going to do it at all cost. Jared was being a manipulative and Seth, Leah and Jacob all three saw through the BS. Kudoos for them. However...Leah's attitude is annoying. Just saying.

Also in this section of the book we find out how Renesmee effects Alice's visions. For me this was foreshadowing of something bad. If Alice can't see has to be bad. After reading through the 2nd time I realized that once her vision was so blurred that I could start to see how Renesmee's presence was going to effect them all.

So guys that's about all I have for this....not a lot of controversy going on. But tell me your thoughts...should the wolves take a few lessons in manners? What were your reactions to Bella practically foaming at the mouth for blood? How did you feel about the interaction between Jake and Jared? What are your thoughts on he young and naive by befriending the Cullens or is he wise beyond his years for accepting them as equals? Have anything else? Just add it below!

Hope you guys have an awesome Christmas and don't forget to get your Twilight Christmas letters in before Christmas so we can get them posted!


  1. Ok Ok girl lemme start by saying I am still queasy after reading the blood part, I kind of had a feeling that was going to happen since it is 1/2 vamp. But ewwww no way i could sit in the room and watch my BF drink blood!

    Another thing that I really started to love is how Jake is interacting with the Cullens, I felt like he was turning into the werewolf protector of all of them because he starts to realixe that there is really no good reason to hate any of them. The way the relationships subtly bloom is really cool to me. I like how after a while he is just walking in :) I also love hoe the Cullen's are cooking for the wolves it was all so endearing to me!
    I was alittle put off at how leah reacted to esme's clothes and food. its like be humble u know?? when alice comes to be with jake because he helps her is sooo cute:)

    On thing i did get a big kick out of is when Leah is cussing out collin for saying things sam didn't say just to guilt her. I could almost hear a dog letting out a funny :) Also laughed when Jake sent leah on patrol so he could phase and be NAKED!! Then the little story about how if Leah caught u thinking about her later after she was seen naked! :)

    I liked the seth/cullen relationship i really loved it when seth and edward brought down victoria in elcipse.

    I Think thats it... are we gonna have book club :) next week?? Merry christmas girl hope Edward comes down ur chimney <3

  2. I love Seth and Edward...they are so cute! lol did you notice how in Eclipse when Jake gets hurt they try to play it off like he is naked lol b/c ya know he had to phase immediately and then the others phased and like two seconds later they were back fully clothed ha ha so Im not looking forward to any naked pups in Breaking Dawn...just a bunch of shirtless boys in jorts ha ha

    Of course Im blogging next Saturday :) its Twilight...its like Christmas every Saturday when I read!

  3. Yes I do remember naked jake very well!! LOL Its so neat how the story unfolded enemies to friends awwww !

  4. YEah I know and they just get closer in the next one :) My god I need another book to see where they end up

  5. I know, Its so unfair right ?! OMG the post before this (real twi story),I got a little misty ! Everyone needs an Edward Hu! I Just need the real thing *wink wink* :)

  6. I think the wolves should take the thigs esme offered them,because esme is just being nice. I thought Bella was crazy for drinking the blood, but she did it for the baby. It really seemed like Jake was the leader when Jared talked to him. I think Seth is right, the cullens and them are equals!
    Hope the cast will send me a christmas card with a pic and autographs! :)